James Mcbride's Perceptions Of Hip-Hop

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1) McBride argues about / describes / criticizes a nightmare that made him re-evaluate his perceptions of hip-hop he said here about the first paragraph where the nightmare gets deeper,because before he know it he heard the the pitter-patter of the little feet, their offspring,cascading through his living living room,cascading through his life,drowning him with the sound of his hypocrisy.

2)About the hip hop Mcbride said music seemingly without melody, sensibility,instruments,verse,or harmony,music with no beginning,end, or ,middle,music that doesn’t even seem to be music. 3)James McBride tells us his views on Hip Hop Rap and shows us how difficult it was for him to come to terms with this new music. James grew up in the Bronx, which
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I believe that hip hop brings about awareness and warns the world of its societal ills that needs to be addressed and cured. The quote from Burning Man states that hip hop is a "...pairing of word and music the manifestation of the painful journey of slaves who survived the middle passage." Hip Hop has been traced back to West African culture, where songs of the West African storytellers were spoken with the accompaniment of the drum and a dance. This was a way that the African American slaves could communicate their agony and sorrow to the world. Over the years, it has evolved into what we know as hip hop today with rhyming, verbal dueling, plot line, etc. Amiri Baraka was known for laying the foundation of rap in society after his performance, which included screams, cries, stomps, etc. The Last Poets (known as the first rap group) were inspired by the art aspect of hip hop, since black nat.

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Summary of the HIP-HOP planet :-The main aspects of hip hop that make the style would be passion and expression of emotion. It is a good thing to have some skills like technique but the only way the movements develop are by believing in yourself and feeling the emotion as well as having fun and feeling the beat.

Stylistically, hip-hop music is made up of rapping lyrics over instrumentals typically containing kick drums, snares, and hi-hats in addition to some sort of melodious instrumentation. Lyrics rhyme, and common themes in hip-hop are life in the ghetto, including drugs and violence. However, rap lyrics can range over a variety of topics. There is concious rap, political rap, comedy rap, trap music, pop rap,

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