Rap Culture Research Paper

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Austin Southers Madam Bertand English 12
31 March, 2016
Rap Culture
How has rap affected the music industry and life?
The music genre called rap, has changed the music industry in many significant ways. Rap music has become widely popular across America, bringing out rap stars from different places across the country. The rapid growth of popularity for this genre of music could come from its original ways of using a turntables and DJs. Also coming from the rapid growth of popularity for this genre has brought forth what some call a new art form, but at the same time creating some gang and illegal trouble. As this new art form has been becoming extremely popular in different parts of the country it has made its own mark on the Twin Cities. Rap
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form that has affected millions of people across the wold. Rap and Hip Hop are no longer just a music genre it 's a art form and a way of life.
Rap music is still a fairly new genre in music starting off in '70s but didn 't really kick off until the '80s with big name artist like N.W.A and the Beastie Boys. The '80s were a big time for Hip Hop groups like Beastie Boys. N.W.A brought forth a new kind type of rap, Gangsta Rap which is a type of rap music featuring aggressive lyrics, often with reference to gang violence. Gangsta Rap during the '80s grew to astronomical heights in the music charts. The 1980 's rap had a bit of a transition into '90s.
The 1990 's brought us many of the big name rappers we know today such as Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Nas, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., and Wu Tang Clan. The 1990 's had more rap songs on the top of the billboard charts more then any other decade. 1990 's rap has brought us many timeless songs like Ice Ice Baby, Gin and Juice, or even Gangsta 's Paradise. The 1990 's might be the most important decade for the rap
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Rap actually stands for rhythm and poetry, which shows that rap is a form of art. Many people do not even consider rap as music, but rap is music it 's one of the more popular music genres of today. Today 's rap game is really popular with fast tempo and more of a pop sounding lyrics compared to the 1980 's gangsta rap, with today 's artist like Drake, Childish Gambino, and Kendrick Lamar. Today 's rap game is much different then the rap game from before the 2000 's, today it is more of the look and media version of performers. Before the 2000 's the rap game all that mattered was your Street CRED. Rap music is one of the most appealing music genres of today in the music

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