Rap: Looking For The Perfect Beat Analysis

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The culture and art of hip-hop is often misconstrued. There is history of struggle, uplifting music and dancing, and calls to action for social justice in the essence of hip-hop. The documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” validates the true meaning of hip-hop by explaining how hip-hop came about and what is truly means. The most significant aspect in the documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” is that it articulates how hip-hop is not something that stereotypically promotes gang affiliation, violence, and drug activity, but that hip-hop is essentially a unique form of art.
The documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” focuses on the aspect that hip-hop is limitless as there are no bounds as to what is accepted or not.
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Those who are ignorant to this form of art would say that hip-hop is for young black teenagers who are looking for trouble. I believe this is false because hip-hop in fact, would distract kids from the streets of gang violence and drug dealing because these young kids were passionately making music, creating break boy crews to dance with, and painting graffiti art. As described in the documentary, hip-hop was often an expression of anger and frustration due to the difficult times of young African American individuals. It was also a way for individuals to protest and voice their opinions relating to social issues. “Hip Hop is an educational tool when explored and listened to in that context. It’s part of black history and should be studied within that framework and included in educational programs. It is another kind of language and voice for the voiceless.” (Turkovich) Songs would talk about the social injustice that was perpetrated towards African Americans and how poverty in inner-cities was a major crisis that is ignored and belittled. Hip-hop allowed frustrated African Americans to freely and peacefully express their anger through …show more content…
From the spins on the beats by Kenny, to the b-boy crew and their dance moves, to the graffiti of Ramo, this movie showcases all aspects of hip-hop. The movie ‘’Beat Street” and the documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” are interrelated because the movie vividly shows the art of hip-hop that is described in the documentary. The whole movie is relaying the life of young black and Hispanic teens who are heavily involved in the hip-hop culture. The DJ’s, the b boys, and the break dancing all show how hip-hip culture is engulfed throughout the whole film. The scene at the end of the movie, when the whole hip-hip community celebrated the life of Ramo, brought together all aspects of hip-hop art. This musical scene incorporated graffiti art throughout the walls, rapping, and intense break dancing by b-boys, while also addressing the ever-growing social issues in their community and in American. The last scene the movie certainly confirms the documentary’s argument that hip-hop is an art. This musical that celebrated the life of Ramo is an important scene in the movie that illustrates hip-hop’s

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