Understanding Black American Aspects In Hip Hop Cinema Analysis

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One reading that interested me was the first chapter of “Understanding Black American Aspects In Hip Hop Cinema” by Tani Sanchez. This reading made me understand more about the past and how hip hop music was born. It provided so much information about the history of it all. It explained how music radiates through people to better the world. Within that first chapter of “Understanding Black American Aspects In Hip Hip Cinema”, it focused on the aspect of importance of hip hop music, where it developed, and who it affected while also touching on politics instead of focusing on the negative. Hip Hop music is able to impact lives through movies, music, live performances, or even just reading the lyrics. The first chapter which is called “Historical and Musical Background” explains how hip-hop music started. It talks about key concepts that involve different purposes and the Black musical heritage in American cinema. “Hip hop recording and live Rap performances gave visibility to millions of urban youths whose dreams, frustrations and aspirations were hidden as the system discounted them” (Understand Black American…page …show more content…
Beat Street wanted to capture break dancing, graffiti, and rap while the first chapter of the book wanted to point out the history of music. They both represent different things very well but one thing they both represent is music. Though the music in Beat Street may have a more hip hop side to it and the first chapter is a lot more soulful they both portray how music has helped uplift people. They both highlight the positive sides in the music culture for Blacks. In both the movie and the chapter there is a mutual expression that comes from styles of young people. The movie helped young boys find common ground in the South Bronx while the chapter explains that hip-hop music has impacted the youth in numerous ways in a positive

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