Personal Narrative: My 80's Style Of Music

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“…And bring back Springsteen, Madonna way before Nirvana there was U2 and Blondie and music still on MTV…” I credit my Dad for influencing the style of music I enjoy listening to. To this day he enjoys reliving his high school and college days listening to songs from his generation. Therefore, the exposure to his music has now made my dad’s style of music my personal favorite. The style of music my dad listened to and still listens to is 80’s “hair bands” and “punk rock”. Some bands from the 80’s hairband genera included various groups such as: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison, The Go-Go’s and ABBA. This music is still very popular and widely played all across the country, bringing people like my Dad back to their glory days. I can still remember …show more content…
I run cross country and track, and I have a specific “pump up” list of music that I try to listen to before every race. The reason I have this specific list, and listen to only these songs, is because they remind me of past successes. Some of these songs include; Fire it Up, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Eye of the Tiger, and Super Villan just to name a few. Going back to my 80’s style of music again. I also enjoy listening to upbeat music and Pandora radio, while I am studying and working on homework because it keeps me happy and focused on my homework. Listening to 80’s “hair band” and “punk rock” music while I am working with my Dad and brother at our building is something we do since it makes working fun and the time seems to go by quickly. Country music is one style of music I do not enjoy listening to. I know it can be motivational but I do not find it to be that way for me. Artists such as Bruno Mars and Adele are also on my list of not enjoyable or motivational music.
Listening to certain styles and genera’s of music reveal a lot of characteristics about a person. Music in today’s society has too many bad references and swear words. I know that 80’s music is not perfect but I believe it is better than the music today. I do not use swear words on a daily basis and I take pride in that characteristic. Most of the songs I listen to from the 80’s do not contain swear words. I also think my interest in 80’s music videos that I am a very old school person. I have high values and believe they are reiterated in the music I listen

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