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  • Metallica Influence On Music

    Speed metal is similar to the tempo of punk songs because according to the book it “refers to the fast tempos and blazing guitar passages” which is one of the signature characteristics that the band had. Metallica is a great band and they have been very influential to many rock bands as well as different genres of music other than heavy metal. They have been influential to bands to most heavy metal bands and few big bands that I can name that were clearly influenced by them were Slipknot, Korn, The Misfits and even the pop-punk rock band Sum 41 was influence by them so much that they made a cover version of Metallica song “Master of Puppets” as a sign of respect. These bands were influenced by Metallica due to the bands famous speed metal style, their ambitious serious lyrics and their willingness to experiment with complex structure styles of music. Besides band they have also influenced other genres besides heavy metal such as the punk-rock genre, alternative, pop-punk, and even rap/hip-hop music. Metallica has been extremely in the music industry in general and will continue to do so for the foreseeable…

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  • 1. How Is Music Used By Teenagers?

    1. How is music used by teenagers, what role does music play in their lives? It is with no doubt that music has become a part of our everyday lives. In fact, it is everywhere and is listened by a vast majority of the population. In the article “Policy Statement-Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth”, the use of music by teenagers is discussed in depth. In fact, music plays a big role in the lives of these young people who are in a period where they are finding and…

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  • Metal Music: The Psychological Effects Of Metal

    Psychological Effects of Metal For a very long time now music has been used in many different means, whether it be entertainment or therapeutic. From dancing to escaping reality, music has many effects on the mind. I believe that within these effects, music holds more positive growth than negative. But what are some of the effects and who do they effect the most? More specifically, what are the effects of the heavy metal genre? Dr. Katrina McFerran has stated “Most young people listen to a…

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  • Music In Popular Culture Essay

    Christian music, for the people who are interested in listening to electronic and techno music. Christian music has come a long way from how it use to sound, but now that there are so many more different kinds of genres, its easier for kids to listen to the gospel, by listening to God’s word in a way they are most comfortable. Rock and Metal music have a lot of different influences, since there is so much different kinds of these genres. The hardcore, metal thrashing, head banging kind of Rock…

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  • Chastity Concert Report

    On October 25th, 2016, a venue named 506 Local on Franklin St, Chapel Hill, held a show featuring three punk rock artist. The opening act, Chastity, is a hardcore punk band created in 2015, hailing from Canada. The next set was performed by an all-female punk band formed in 2014, Cayetana, which is rather unique for the genre. Lastly, the headline band performed: a band named PUP, created in 2013 and also from Canada. The entirety of the show emitted a sense of community, openness, diversity,…

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  • Music Stereotypes

    like you just accidentally walked into a Hot Topic store at the mall, those characteristics produce the same generic image of someone who probably listens to heavy or extreme music. Hardcore music is an extremely broad genre but can be broken down into four main subgenres: punk, emo, screamo and heavy metal. Often these hardcore people get judged for being out of control or violent and are thought to be unfriendly or harsh to others who are not like them. However, this is not the case. People…

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  • Rock Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

    Music is all around us, playing in shopping malls, on television, in elevators, and stored on our personal electronic devices. Music has the ability to change one’s mood to either positive or negative based on the genre and the lyrics a song. To determine if there is a correlation between music genres and deviant behavior, researchers Jeffery Lozon and Moshe Bensimon examines genres as alternative rock, hard rock, heavy metal, hip-hop/rap, punk rock, rock and electronic/techno to see if it…

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  • Heavy Metal Music Analysis

    Music is the international medium that can link both mind and soul. From sophisticated, well drawn out classical music, to drums and rocks in Aboriginal tribes in Africa, music is a natural and seemingly God-given talent we all possess. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent,” it is supernatural yet so uniquely human simultaneously (Hugo). Music elicits response; one main response it draws out is in-depth analysis. As popular as music is, music…

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  • Punk Music Vs Rap

    Project Task #1 My research topic is about the correlation between punk music and rap. Music has always reflected its generation and what was going in that era. Punk music and rap are two totally different genres and cultures. Despite the difference in sound, they face the same socioeconomic issues. Both Punk, and Rap are products of low income areas. What I’m gonna be talking about is how and why the same things affect both subcultures. Both are viewed negatively, but…

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  • Social Impact Of Rock N Roll

    attempt to restore it to its roots. Hence from this movement, Punk rock was born. This was what many felt was needed in order to restore rock to its glory. “Outrageous, confrontational, and outside the mainstream of conventional rock-and-roll culture, punk rock conjures images of ripped T-shirts, Mohawk haircuts, and safety pins” (Zuschlag 2013). Punk rock was to embody the angry emotions of the young, white, middle class male youth. Their fights were against the establishments (governments,…

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