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  • Kashmir Conflict Case Study

    1) The Kashmir battle is a close-by conflict generally among India and Pakistan, having started not long after the division of india in 1947. China has on occasion recognized a minor part. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947 and 1965, and the Kargil War. The two countries have additionally been combined into a couple conflicts over control of the Siachen Glacier. As an inevitable answer for this issue was for Kashmir to have the choice of picking whether to join either India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh, the pioneer of Kashmir, was Hindu, while an extensive bit of his subjects were Muslim. When he chose not to join Pakistan and rather stayed in unbiased status this came about to a Muslim uprising upheld by Pakistan. Battling amongst Pakistan and India brought about there now being a line of control where limit settlements are found. To illuminate this issue I would choose certain perspectives and focuses from every gathering and change it to best fit the subjects. 2) Given the measure of people that live in South Asia it is little in size. According to the substance, Sub Saharan Africa is around 5 times more prominent than South Asia in spite of all that they make sense of how to have half less people living in it than South Asia. Plainly it is "stuffed" and restricted in South…

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  • The Impact Of Climate Change In India

    In 2008 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh released India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change, the NAPCC. The NAPCC outlines existing and future policies that address climate mitigation and adaptation. It is made up of eight national missions that will run until 2017. The first is the National Solar Mission. This mission promotes the use of solar energy. It specifically looks at increasing solar technology in urban areas, industry and commercial establishments. The National Mission for…

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  • Module 5: Critical Thinking Analysis

    Module 5: Critical Thinking Option 1 I have chosen a political news conference for my final project video (NDTV, 2015). This video focuses around three of the major political parties in India. The parties are the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the Congress (Indian National Congress Party), and the AAR (Aam Aadmi Party). The interviewees include a former Chief Election Commissioner, a journalist and political commentator, and three former and current politicians. The host asks each of the…

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  • Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture

    Agriculture in most developing economies is the core sector providing a livelihood to a significant proportion of population, especially in rural areas. Since this sector faces the largest burnt of underemployment, unemployment and poverty, a growing agriculture and allied sector is expected to contribute vastly to overall growth and poverty alleviation. Increasing the productive capacity of agriculture through higher productivity has been an important goal in developing countries. There has…

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  • Colonialism Vs Postcolonialism

    the controversy between how history is taught in India and Pakistan, according to Swati Daftur of the famous indian news company, thehindu (3B), “A two plus two will yield the same result all over the world, but history is subjective. It’s written by people, after all. People are subjective too; people find it difficult to not pick sides, a fact borne out by those history textbooks of India and Pakistan.” (Daftur, 5) (3A) Commentary: Explain how the evidence supports your thesis or explain how…

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  • Quit Kashmir Movement Analysis

    opinion today that the best solution to the problem of Kashmir is to allow them to make their own choice. Why not Referendum? Trust me they have only two choices, either INDIA or INDEPENDENT KASHMIR. The problem arose from the day the British through its East India Company wanted to establish its rule over India for which in order to improve its economy sold Kashmir for a meager Rs.75 lacks to then Dogra Ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh under Amritsar Treaty. This led to “QUIT KASHMIR” movement for a…

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  • Public Bank Group Case Study

    iv) Building the future through education; v) Support of the Community; vi) Greening the Environment” (Rajendar Singh, Yahya, Amran & Nabiha, 2009). From the CSR Report of Public Bank Bhd for the year 2005, 2006 and 2007, one can say that the most of the activities carried out by Public Bank are charitable in nature. It is mainly related to charity or can be precisely said as giving out donations or…

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  • Stuck In The Middle The Story Of Pakistan Essay

    Pakistan’s economy. India’s intentions for Kashmir to be a part of India were based on the one-nation theory. The one nation theory is the idea that all territories and India should remain united. Additionally, Kashmir is on the border of both Pakistan and India. Eventually, the fighting came to an end when the United Nations stepped in. The United Nations recommended a plebiscite, so Kashmir could choose, which country it wanted to be a part of. Additionally, a cease-fire line was created…

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  • Hari Singh's War In The War Of Kashmir

    The small state of 86,000 square miles had a large Muslim population, and it was led by Hari Singh, a devout Hindu. Singh wanted Kashmir to remain an independent state, but the state’s geographic location made this impossible. Kashmir was positioned on the border of India and Pakistan. While Singh was holing out, Kashmir was invaded in August of 1947 by armed raiders from the North West Frontier province and by troops from the Pakistani Army. Singh was forced to seek military protection from…

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  • Aksai Chin Case Study

    How Aksai Chin became the bone of contention? Mohan Guruswamy 1,260 words Indian and Chinese troops are in yet another face-off in the Aksai Chin region. How this cold and wind-swept desert became a seemingly intractable dispute is tale worth telling. It was the ambitions of two Kashmir Maharaja’s that saddled India with its two biggest security challenges. We know how Hari Singh’s vacillation led to the invasion of his realm by the Pakistani raiders in 1947 and what followed is well known. But…

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