Chief of Naval Operations

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  • Hari Singh's War In The War Of Kashmir

    In Pakistan, the nation was lacking proper leadership due to the death of the governor. Jinnah died on September 11, 1948 due to tuberculosis, and Liaquat Ali Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, took over the operations of the country. Liaquat was a capable leader, but only two days after the death of Jinnah, India invaded Hyderabad. Hyderabad was a state similar to Kashmir in that it wanted to remain an independent, but there were a few differences. Hyderabad was located in the heart of India, and it had a Muslim ruler with a large Hindu population. While Jinnah was Pakistan’s Governor-General, the sovereignty of Hyderabad was observed by India because of Pakistan’s military presence, but following his death, the Indian Army invaded Hyderabad on September 13, 1948. Many Pakistani’s thought that their homeland would be invaded next. Because of this fear, Pakistanis wanted peace with India through the UN administered plebiscite in Kashmir. The UN proposal…

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  • Examples Of Expectancy Theory

    expectancy theory in every single field, such as business, military and education. For example, I know a Navy captain in the Turkish Naval Academy, trying to be the dean. The commander of the Naval Training and Education Command will decide who is going to be the dean. He is about to get his second degree in college education and in addition to college education, he is taking military management classes to develop himself in every areas that he can. He knows that he has the advantage of being an…

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  • Afhq Failure

    withdrawal of Axis forces. It will evaluate the command and control of the Allied leadership. Assess the ability of the Allied commanders with the three elements of command and control. Describe the failures of Allied forces to integrate Joint Fires to disrupt Axis movement and maneuver. Describe the significance of Operational Sustainment by the Allied Forces to provide combat power at the decisive point to achieve operational success for the Allied commanders. It will conclude with summary of…

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  • Operation Hucky Case Study

    Operation HUSKY was the first major military operation following the Allied victories in North Africa. For the follow-on operation, the Americans favored a cross-channel invasion of Europe, but the British favored a peripheral approach to wear down the Axis. Ultimately, the decision to invade Sicily was the uneasy compromise reached at the Casablanca conference with the strategic goal of freeing Mediterranean shipping from Axis harassment, diverting German strength from the Russian Front and…

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  • Admiral Arleigh A. Burke's Persuasion Tactics

    desires, he sought and received a congressional appointment to the US Naval Academy.” (“Admiral Arleigh A Burke, USN”). Upon his high school graduation, he attended the Naval Academy in June 1919, and then graduated 71st out of 413 in the class of 1923. He served five years on the USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Procyon (AG-11), USS Chester (CA-27), USS Antares and USS Argonne (AG’s), before he served on USS Craven…

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  • What Role Did Operation Husky Play In Ww2

    Operation Husky was an invaluable experience for Allied forces in World War II. It opened the Allied forces eyes to the numerous challenges they must face internally before they could hope to be victorious in the war against Germany, Japan and Italy. This essay will show how a failure in operational leadership caused Operation Husky to fail to become the decisive victory it had the potential of being. Essential to command and control is a thorough understanding of the commander’s intent at…

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  • Operation HUSKY

    Operation HUSKY was ultimately an Allied victory that met its objectives, but its planning and execution highlighted significant deficiencies in command and control and integration of Allied forces. Senior commanders, primarily General Eisenhower and British General Alexander, failed to adequately provide their staffs and subordinate commanders with clear intent, nor did they fully exploit the combined ground, air, and naval capabilities available to them. This essay identifies the shortcomings…

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  • Chief Snider Essay

    Chief Master Sergeant Wendell J. Snider is the third Commandant of the Sheppard Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. Falling under the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education, he provides schoolhouse vision and ensures the most professional in-resident Intermediate Leadership Experience training for over 900 total force enlisted members. Additionally, he oversees a faculty of 21 Airmen in validating and delivering 25 academic days of education for the Air…

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  • Command Master Chief: A Case Study

    The commanding officer and command master chief are responsible and accountable for the morale, health, welfare, safety, utilization, and training of all personnel within a naval organization. Serving in a capacity as the command master chief (essentially a human resource executive), I assist the commanding officer (similar to a chief executive officer) in leading and managing an organic organization within the navy called Air and Test Evaluation Squadron One. The squadron has a mission to…

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  • Operation Watchtower Analysis

    Operation Watchtower provides an exceptional reference to illustrate American commanders’ application of operational art in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) during World War II. This paper analyzes the roles of Admiral Earnest J. King and Major General Alexander Vandegrift as operational artists during planning and execution of Operation Watchtower. Their understanding of the link among lines of operation, decisive points, operational reach, culmination, and risk directly contributed to…

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