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  • Child Protection Referral Analysis

    Contents 1. Page 2 Task 2, 2.1 analysing a child protection referral • Introduction • What is a child referral? • Analysing a referral 2. Page 3 Task 2, 2.2 • Explaining working together • Good practice 3. Page 4 /Task 3 • Justifying social work intervention in a given situation in relation to the legal framework protecting children 4. Page 5 • Bibliography Task 2 Introduction The Children Act 1989 allows local authorities to intervene in order to safeguard children that are suffering or are likely to suffer from significant harm. Risks that affect a child’s physical or mental health are defined as abuse. Ill treatment is not defined as physical, but sexual abuse. These factors can affect a child’s physical, intellectual,…

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  • Challenging Child Protection

    including information about safeguarding and child protection policy in the UK, and how these books will help the undergraduate students with the study of Early childhood studies, ED5016, to meet there learning outcomes, I would be starting off with the literature that’s called ‘Challenging Child Protection ‘and it’s published by McDougall, Stewart McGhee, Janice Waterhouse etc. , The reason why I have preferred this book for my chosen literature because, the book is including information…

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  • Child Protection Policy Evaluation Essay

    Child Protection Policy Evaluation The Children’s act is a set of laws that are in place to protect the safety and well being of children from the ages of birth to 18. The children’s act of 1989 was updated in 2004 and is now aimed to ensure information is shared between agencies. Legislations say you have to share information or you are in breach of the child protection law which then could end with fines or in serious cases, jail time. The LSE Child protection policy is available online for…

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  • Child Protection In Australia Essay

    children of older age are also included under certain special circumstances like disabilities. The duties also include the protection of the children from any kind of harm which may affect them severely as a result of abuse and neglect. In Australia, the failure by a parent to provide the basic needs that a child is required, or to protect from any harm which is a consequence of abuse or neglect, amounts to an offence under the general law of land. The child protection law is strict enough to…

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  • Child Protection Interview Summary

    Child Protection Interview Summary Child Protective Services (CPS) is designed to protect children from abuse and neglect by investigating reports made to the agency. Unfortunately, there are cases that require children to be removed from the home and placed into the care of another person while a more in-depth investigation takes place. The role of CPS is to address each report in an appropriate manner and investigate the suspected abuse or neglect. Team A worked individually and…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Child Protection

    used the cases of David and Marie and other child abuse and neglect cases to assist his arguments. He broke down the cases so they were more tangible for the reader to understand and gave valid reasons why there are problems with family preservations. However, the only issue I did find with the book itself was how it was laid out. Even though Gelles easily broke down David and Marie’s cases, he would alternate between their cases and often I felt it was a little choppy and slightly confusing at…

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  • Child Protection And Abuse Case Study

    clients. These policies ensure that there is reason for all things that social workers do and that the clients are safe. One important code that the child protective service workers within the agency use is Virginia Code 63.2-100 which gives that the definitions of abuse and neglect as well as the different types. This code is used often throughout the agency when there founded abuse of a child. This code begins by stating that said abuse must be done by the child’s parent or the person…

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  • Effects Of Self Awareness On Child Protection

    Chapter 5- Some Useful Tips On How to Protect Your Child In terms of child’s protection, the palpable protection most of the time comes after the abuse has occurred, with the different bodies and agencies that can be contacted in order to provide the appropriate measures to ensure the child’s safety and protection. Other than that, parents can help prevent abuse by educating their children a little bit more about what abuse is as well as the profile of potential abusers. Educate Your Child…

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  • Child Protection Act Research Paper

    transition to permanent housing solutions (which we also help them to find). All food, linens, and amenities (such as laundry room and toiletries) are provided free of charge. We work with low-cost and low-income housing providers to ensure clients are able to transition into appropriate housing upon leaving our program. Additionally, our advocates offer curriculum-based programs that focus on teaching clients how to budget and plan their expenses, as well as manage their finances. Speakers from…

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  • Child Abuse Prevention-Protection Act 2003

    Before I complete this sentence a child somewhere will be abused or neglected in some way. According to the United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations- losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect in the United States. A report of child abuse occurs every ten seconds. Child abuse is a subject that has plagued the world for centuries. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 1974 is one of the key…

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