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  • Child Support Argumentative Essay

    the U.S, child support if a very controversial subject amongst many due to mainly one reason, the fairness of the courts between mother and father. Child support, a court ordered payment system, is comprised of a payment method made by the non-custodial parent to the second parent for the better benefit of the child or children. In the state of Tennessee, more often than not, custody automatically goes straight to the mother it seems. Personally, fathers get the short end of the stick when it comes to raising their children after the papers have been filed from personal experience with my own father and our family. Overall, looking into the child support system fathers should not be held accountable for child support and that it should be equally divided amongst the two involved parents and not be withheld with jail time for the result of missed finances. “Nationwide, the child support program serves one quarter of all U.S. children and half of all U.S. children in poor families—totaling 17.5 million children.1 Child support is one of the largest sources of income for families. Research shows it reduces child poverty, promotes parental responsibility and involvement and improves children’s educational outcomes.” (Morgan, 2016). With that being said, if both parents are…

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  • Child Support And Divorce Case Study

    get divorced, how much support might I have to pay? 2. If I get divorced how much support can I get from my spouse? 3. How much of our property can I keep? Can I stay in the house? 4. Do I really need an attorney to get divorced or can I do it myself? Child Support and Divorce in New York: How Much Will I Have to Pay? If your marriage is ending, you probably have questions about child support and divorce in New York. Child support and divorce in New York are definitely…

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  • Essay On Child Support

    file a court document.” Parents that fail to pay child support is a serious problem that our society faces everyday, yet it’s gone under the radar for numerous occasions. Parents are irresponsible, unable to afford it, or are forgetful or unaware that they need to be paying child support in the first place. It is difficult for a family to live off of one paycheck and support a teen or child. Child support not getting paid can hinder the relationship between families, and there are consequences…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Child Support

    Many people believe that men should pay child support, let’s not get it twisted, a man should support his children, however, there needs to be different set of guidelines for child support and custody order, that is implemented before making a final decision. Some women feel because they bearded the child that they can do what they want, when they want, and how they want to do thing when it comes to their children. And, the men are supposed to take whatever is being dished out and pay child…

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  • Child Support Guidelines The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?

    There’s often times where a spouse can file for such things as child support. For example, child support is tax-free to the recipient, but not tax-deductible by the payer. Child support is a court ordered payment to be used on the minor child or children of one of the spouses. For instance, in the article “Child support Guidelines: The Good, the Bad, and the ugly” by Douglass Allen informs the reader on what to expect and what may result as a problem when filing for child support. When…

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  • Child Support Case Study

    custody 50/50. There was no child support set. Tim is alleging that Ariela is giving their daughter more “freedom” then their agreement. In doing so their daughter now wishes to live with her mother full time. Ariela is now seeks child support from Tim. While Tim says that Ariela has been pulling the child's attention away from him through text messages and phone calls. In addition, the mother also states that she needs the daughter to come back to the house for various things while their…

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  • The Importance Of Joint Custody And Child Support

    Custody and child support are two of the most contentious issues in divorce proceedings, but experienced attorneys at a law firm like Cain Smith in Statesboro, GA, know how to protect your best interests. Here are three reasons to turn to a law firm when you are caught in the middle of a child support battle: Joint Custody Is Complicated: If you and your ex-spouse have joint custody, it can be difficult to determine a fair amount that one parent must give the other in child support payments.…

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  • Bennett And Vail's Child Support Analysis

    Judge Channing Bennett and Avery’s Child Support Walking into the courtroom was an experience in itself, preparing for whatever dull or typical case would entertain my sights for the rest of the hour. A young and nimble man in a hoodless sweatshirt stood poised at the defendant’s table with an empty chair beside him. The prosecutor 's table supplied an older man and a young auburn haired woman, seated and watching as the older man shuffled through paperwork. Two women sat in the benches behind…

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  • Child Support Assistant Case Study

    The Interviewee, Kimberly Britt, an African American female who holds the title as an Executive Assistant for County of Los Angeles, Child Support Services Department (CSSD) has been employed with the Child Support Services Department for over eighteen years. She is the Special Assistant to the Director and supervises a staff of four directly and three indirectly within the Executive Offices. Ms. Britt began her career as a Child Support Officer and worked her way up to mid-management to the…

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  • Into The Wild By Jan Burres, Mccandless Friends And Family

    In the story, Santiago has always had the support of the people around him. One example is his father. His father was always supportive of him, even in the beginning. In the beginning of the story, his father’s support for him can be seen when he agrees to let him pursue his dream of traveling. “The next day, he gave his son a punch that held three ancient Spanish gold coins… ‘I wanted them to be a part of your inheritance. But use them to buy your flock’” (9). When Santiago told his father that…

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