Child Support Argumentative Essay

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In the State of Tennessee and just like any other state in the U.S, child support if a very controversial subject amongst many due to mainly one reason, the fairness of the courts between mother and father. Child support, a court ordered payment system, is comprised of a payment method made by the non-custodial parent to the second parent for the better benefit of the child or children. In the state of Tennessee, more often than not, custody automatically goes straight to the mother it seems. Personally, fathers get the short end of the stick when it comes to raising their children after the papers have been filed from personal experience with my own father and our family. Overall, looking into the child support system fathers should not be held accountable for child support and that it should be equally divided amongst the two involved parents and not be withheld with jail time for the result of missed finances. “Nationwide, the child support program serves one quarter of all U.S. children and half of all U.S. children in poor families—totaling 17.5 million children.1 Child support is one of the largest sources of income for families. Research shows it reduces child poverty, promotes parental responsibility and involvement and improves children’s educational outcomes.” (Morgan, 2016). With that being said, if both parents are …show more content…
From personal experience my father was made to pay the child support and not my mother only to make my father’s life stressful with more work and less time with his children. No one wants to see a child suffer. Children will be emotionally damaged, fathers will be put in circumstances that can be prevented and the mother will be getting out the easy way so it is only fair that both parents equally support and the father not be held accountable for child

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