Argumentative Essay On Child Support

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Many people believe that men should pay child support, let’s not get it twisted, a man should support his children, however, there needs to be different set of guidelines for child support and custody order, that is implemented before making a final decision. Some women feel because they bearded the child that they can do what they want, when they want, and how they want to do thing when it comes to their children. And, the men are supposed to take whatever is being dished out and pay child support, fight for joint custody or visitation. An increasing percentage of children live with unmarried parents.
Most fathers concerns are that an unreasonable amount of child support is awarded by the magistrate's court to the mother, which is more money
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Father who fights for custody is rare, therefore many judges feel the father should be awarded custody for loving his children, or they assume that something is wrong with the mother. The mother and her children are being systemically impoverished, psychologically and legally harassed, and physically battered by the very father who is fighting for custody (Chesler, Phyllis1990). Society believe that some children are better off with their fathers. When non-custodial fathers are highly involved with their children’s learning, the children are more likely to get A's at all grade levels (NCES 2007-040).
How many women do you know that pay child support? Not many, but there is some unfortunate father is out there working two or three jobs to pay his outrageous amount of money for child support, in the meantime the vindictive woman is out spending his hard earn money. The court system should order both men and women to pay child support, if memory serves me right it takes two to make a child. There are a lot of deadbeat dads out there, however, it

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