Child Support Guidelines The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?

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matter of agreeing on a set plan of action and resolving the issues at hand. In my situation, the process was done swiftly as both my parents’ knew what was best and how to get everything settled before my father left. This however, left me with no recollections of my father, and my first memory was when I visited him in Mexico at the age of eight never to see him again. Ultimately, leaving the process of divorce on a fifty-fifty scale leading up to how the couple decides to handle the situation. Nothing in life is free, not even divorce. When getting a divorce occurs a lot goes into it, for instance, depending on your current standing with your spouse it might be more expensive. For the fact that when dealing with legal issues, legal experts …show more content…
There’s often times where a spouse can file for such things as child support. For example, child support is tax-free to the recipient, but not tax-deductible by the payer. Child support is a court ordered payment to be used on the minor child or children of one of the spouses. For instance, in the article “Child support Guidelines: The Good, the Bad, and the ugly” by Douglass Allen informs the reader on what to expect and what may result as a problem when filing for child support. When discussing the negative sides of child support Allen states “In these situations, it was often the case that the custodial parent had no private income at all, the noncustodial parent had no contact with the children and everyone involved was at or below the poverty line” (1). The statement quoted was used in order to show the audience most people undergoing divorce and paying for child support often can’t pay for it. I know my parents couldn’t afford child support, my father was also on his way back to Mexico. He had no intension of helping my mother who at the time worked as a secretary. Leading many to ignore their child support payments, ultimately causing more problems. However, my mother never tried to show us she was struggling as me my brother and sister lived in a one-bedroom apartment. That was always something I admired about my mother and every other single mother taking care of their children playing both roles. The cost of divorce damaged my family for years until my mother met my step dad. Although, some aren’t as lucky and end up feeling the continuous financial effect of

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