Child Support And Divorce Case Study

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1. If I get divorced, how much support might I have to pay?
2. If I get divorced how much support can I get from my spouse?
3. How much of our property can I keep? Can I stay in the house?
4. Do I really need an attorney to get divorced or can I do it myself?

Child Support and Divorce in New York: How Much Will I Have to Pay?

If your marriage is ending, you probably have questions about child support and divorce in New York. Child support and divorce in New York are definitely intertwined, and early in your divorce case, a child support amount will be ordered. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse has physical custody of your children, you will be ordered to pay child support. Many paying parents worry that the ordered child support amounts will be excessive. However, courts will not order a parent to pay a child support amount that is grossly unfair. If you can demonstrate than an ordered amount of child support is unfair, it may be reduced.
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In most cases, the gross incomes of the parties are calculated. The parties must submit proof of their income to the court, which may be in the form of tax returns, pay stubs, or other financial records. Next, the courts will deduct how much the parties pay in certain taxes, like Medicare and Social Security. Using the numbers that are left, the courts assign a certain percentage as child support, depending on how many children there are. For one child, this percentage is usually 17%; for two, it is 25%; and so on. If you make $3,000 per month, and have one child, you can probably expect to receive at least $510 per month in child support

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