Arleigh Burke class destroyer

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  • Admiral Arleigh A. Burke's Persuasion Tactics

    Admiral Arleigh A. Burke was born on October 19, 1901, in Boulder, Colorado. Burke grew up in Boulder in a fairly difficult environment – “He attended a one room elementary school through the eighth grade and then high school…”(“Admiral Arleigh A Burke”). Arleigh had other ideas for his future – “…farming fitted neither his talents nor desires, he sought and received a congressional appointment to the US Naval Academy.” (“Admiral Arleigh A Burke, USN”). Upon his high school graduation, he attended the Naval Academy in June 1919, and then graduated 71st out of 413 in the class of 1923. He served five years on the USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Procyon (AG-11), USS Chester (CA-27), USS Antares and USS Argonne (AG’s), before he served on USS Craven…

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  • Laser Weapon Systems: Most Important Contributions Of The US Navy

    While running drills and experiments, it was proven that the laser system was able to shoot down missiles, projectiles, drones, and other unmanned aerial vehicles (Anthony, 2014). In addition, the high-powered laser was able to melt holes on the hulls of armored ships. In the near future, the Navy hopes to launch its Littoral Combat Ships, as well as the Arleigh-Burke class Destroyers, deployed with the Laser Weapon System (Freedberg, 2014). These systems would act as short-ranged, self-defense…

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  • Arguments Against Modular Structure

    assets comprised of aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, patrol boats, mine hunting and mine sweeping ships, helicopters, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) form a set of different systems in maritime forces. Naval Forces all around the world have naval vessels to protect sea lanes, attack enemy forces, and carry out humanitarian missions. Missions performed by the navies change from patrolling sea to performing some exercises in peacetime and so on. Naval vessels are designed to fulfill the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fishing With Coconuts

    Fishing with Coconuts It was 0215 on the twelfth day of February and our Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer was cruising the Indian Ocean. I was in the middle of a watch, patrolling the main deck. Feeling the effects of sleep deprivation and being nowhere close to the end of my watch, the night started to become routine. As I had done numerous times before, I swung open the hatch to the weather deck and began to step out and into the pitch-dark night. By an unfortuitous…

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