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  • Megiddo: Layers Of The Past

    under the name Armageddon. Megiddo as a location not only breathes evidence from the past, but biblically shows evidence of its place in the future. The Uncovered Jewel Rather than being an unidentified site primed for…

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  • The Antichrist Analysis

    If one dares ask a question that examines or critiques Trump, prepare to be attacked. This will only get worse as his ascendancy continues. However, if you laud Trump with praise, he will elevate you to a place of honor, exactly corresponding to Daniel 11:39. This is presently happening as people sell their soul and surrender their principles to join the Trump Train. Buddy up to him and he will treat you wonderfully. But challenge him at your own peril. The last part of the verse says, “he’ll…

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  • Film Analysis: Armageddon

    People talk about Armageddon like it’s some future event. With dramatic morbid gravitas and fanfare ‘POOF’ the earth is now filled with empty shoes and buildings. “That my friend was the human race, and how fast did they run”. Roll credits. Directed by The Coen Brothers ,or whoever the clean shirts decided would sell more. The dirty shirts get up from the stained seats and leave with clear minds out of the theater. “Well that movie was really heavy, but it was so beautifully done. What real…

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  • Armageddon Music Techniques

    During the late 90s, Aerosmith was asked to produce a touching piece for the soundtrack of the movie Armageddon, which starred singer Steven Tyler’s daughter (The Rob). With the help of schmaltz “queen” Dianne Warren (author of other sappy songs like “How Do I Live” and “Because You Loved Me”), the band was able to perform a piece that was full of gusto and romance, wrapped up by their music video in a melodramatic bow (Farber). “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is a song that Carl Wilson would…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut's Armageddon In Retrospect

    Kurt Vonnegut’s Armageddon in Retrospect is a book composed of both short stories and essays about war. Vonnegut was a private in the U.S. Army’s 106th Infantry Division during World War II and was captured by the Germans in mid-December of 1944. In this essay, I examine the ways in which the bombing of Dresden is conflated with sex. Specifically, through a close examination of key metaphors and images, I show how the violent "deflowering" of the virginal city reflects the book's larger view…

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  • Spies Against Armageddon Summary

    Rachel Samuels 001665731 HIST 1390 Professor Burds Israeli Espionage Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars examines the history and exploits of Israeli intelligence from the country’s founding in 1948 to today. Instead of moving through the history chronologically, the book looks at the history through various stories and examples of intelligence successes and failures. The book also gives insight into the other major and minor organizations that play key roles in providing…

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  • Armageddon By Bruce Willis: Film Analysis

    Perhaps he fits easily into them because he is so down to earth. He rarely seems ridiculous, even when everything else in the screen is absurd (see "Armageddon"), because he never over-reaches; he usually plays his characters flat and matter of fact. Here there is a poignancy in his bewilderment. The film opens with the mayor presenting him with a citation, and that moment precisely marks the beginning of his professional decline. He goes down with a sort of doomed…

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  • Analysis Of Skating To Armageddon: Hockey And The First World War

    Men in every era are seen to be powerful muscular guys who should protect and defend their country and loved ones. J.J Wilson’s article on Skating to Armageddon: Hockey and The First World War argues that during the first world war the men’s that were enlisted were apart of a hockey team. Hockey has criteria that make men the perfect candidates to be enlisted in in the first World war. During the 1990’s it was important that masculinity was implemented at a young age as it will prepare young…

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  • War In Erich Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    enemy] you would not hesitate to fling a bomb at him”(Remarque 114). While in war, soldiers begin to believe in killing more than they believe in family. War is a place of anarchy. In his poem, “The Second Coming”, William Butler Yeats describes Armageddon as a time when “ [m]ere anarchy is loosed upon the world”(4). Armageddon and war are one and the same. The two works are related to each other because they are both during…

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  • Comparative Eschatology

    Rapture, and the Armageddon, the fight between the Antichrist and Jesus. While this view seems to be the most developed view of the end of the world, many religions prior to modern times also had some stories or ideas that explained how the end of the world would occur. Going back as far as ancient mythologies, one finds some of the same themes between these mythologies and Christian beliefs. In some of the mythologies, there are similar large battles that lead to the destruction of the Earth…

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