Littoral combat ship

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  • Case Study: Littoral Combat Ship

    Ivan MartinRigging Trade ClassJeremy Varner19 October 2016LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) “Independence Variant Class”It’s a UFO! Is a “Star-Destroyer” Ship! No! Is the new Navy LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) Independence Class! Why the U.S Navy is in need of a new class of ship? The main reason of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program was developed is to provide the United States Navy with a small, multi-mission ship capable of being interdependent, and perform join task operations. After Desert Storm and Desert Shield war campaigns, the United States Navy performed critical studies and determined that there was a need for a new class of small ship. The U.S Navy was tasked to design a ship that is able to operate and conduct missions in the shallow-water and near-shore littoral zones. As of result of this study, the U.S Navy announced it…

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  • Arguments Against Modular Structure

    Enemies, threats such as anti-ship missiles, speed boats, submarines, shore-based cruise missiles, littoral threats, sea mines, ballistic missiles, or asymmetric threats, missions/operations, technologies alter drastically. They require new capabilities for naval vessels. Modularity provides necessary quality attributes, reduced operational downtime, reduced shipbuilding costs, decreased construction time and many more military benefits that minimize the challenges faced. This study examines…

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  • The Tragic War: The Last Battle Of Beowulf

    is willing to fight till his ending time of life on his land. He is showing the Germanic tribe virtues and his own driven personality of bravery. This emphasizes the importance of a true king to his people and how a king should show bravery even though he is not as well quipped like he used to be and is not as swift as he used to be in his younger years of youth. Beowulf still shows the Germanic virtue of loyalty and bravery by risking his very own life on the line just to show the prominence of…

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  • Military Power House Essay

    America has now become known as the power house of the world. We hold the best military power there is. At first it wasn’t that way. During our revolution, we were only farmers who had muskets and pitch forks. Through the help of allies we were able to beat the British and claim our victory and independence. There were many other wars that would happen before us, the U.S. would become the military power house of the world. After WWII in 1939. Then the US decided it was their job to be the police…

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  • Katniss Everdeen In The Hunger Games: A Dystopian Society?

    The Hunger Games represents a dystopian society where there is an annual televised event where twenty-four children fight to the death until only one remains. I could only imagined being in the crowd of children on selection day where you do not know whose name could be called next, whether it be your own name to be called or a member of your friends and family it would be devastating knowing that their chance for survival is very limited. Katniss Everdeen, is the main character of The Hunger…

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  • Speaking Of Courage By Tim O Brien: Character Analysis

    Human Rather Than a Character The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about a soldier is a man wearing clean uniform with glittering gold badges. This man is courageous, fearless; he can run through mud while it’s raining, go into dark tunnels without having any fear. From this hypothetical soldier’s face, it can be understood that he is proud of serving his country and protecting the weak. This man who would do anything to save his compatriots, fights dauntlessly in the war zone, when…

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  • Military Draft Essay

    Should citizens today be willing to fight for their country? The United States is a country that had to join together to fight for its freedom, and that is what makes the U.S. such a great country. Their countries heritage is where most of the patriotism among citizens comes from. The United States had to fight in a war with Britain in order to win their independence. In this war there was a draft, which means that every person who was in a certain age group had to enlist in the army and defend…

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  • Women In Military

    on women and not let them fight in combat alongside of men. Many individuals believe that women are too weak to be in…

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  • Stereotypes Of Women In The Military

    Women can make a difference everywhere Women have always been rising to new levels each year. They accomplish things that people never thought they could do 50 years ago. Women have just ventured into a new task that has started great controversy in the United States. Women all over the US have been enlisting in the military, not just one branch but all of them. They have gone into the air force, to on the ground with marines. They have taken this on by storm and many people do not like how…

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  • Arguments Against Women In The Military

    Women in combat arguments analysis In the viewpoint, “There Are Many Reasons to Oppose Gender Neutrality in the Military,” Mackubin Thomas Owens argues against women in the military based on three factors: 1. Physical differences 2. Men treat women differently than they treat other men 3. The presence of women leads to double standards Physical differences According to Owens, women are not as strong as men which places them at a “distinct” disadvantage when it comes to…

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