Arguments Against Women In The Military

Women in combat arguments analysis In the viewpoint, “There Are Many Reasons to Oppose Gender Neutrality in the Military,” Mackubin Thomas Owens argues against women in the military based on three factors: 1. Physical differences 2. Men treat women differently than they treat other men 3. The presence of women leads to double standards

Physical differences According to Owens, women are not as strong as men which places them at a “distinct” disadvantage when it comes to ground combat and points to the experience of a single woman to back up this assertion. Owens also cites women’s inability to stand while urinating as another reason women should be disqualified from combat as well as the fact that during pregnancy women are exempt from performing routine duties such as marching, field training, and swim tests. .

Men treat women differently than they treat other men Owens contends that the presence of women in the military undermines unit cohesion because of the possibility of romantic relationships. According to Owens, unit cohesion is necessary in order to be successful on the battlefield citing a 1992 report of the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces which speaks to group identity, dependency
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The study showed that all mail ground combat squad were faster stronger and more lethal in most cases then units that included women and the study also cites that woman suffered higher rates of during physically demanding training. Even though this is the first effort to measure what impact gender integration could have on combat effectiveness, Republican representative from California, Duncan Hunter believes the study strengthens his argument against allowing women to participate in combat for the Marine Corps and that doing so is not in the best interest of ground combat

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