Military Draft Essay

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Should citizens today be willing to fight for their country? The United States is a country that had to join together to fight for its freedom, and that is what makes the U.S. such a great country. Their countries heritage is where most of the patriotism among citizens comes from. The United States had to fight in a war with Britain in order to win their independence. In this war there was a draft, which means that every person who was in a certain age group had to enlist in the army and defend their country because it was their duty. Back then the draft was only for men because when men went off to war women were left to take care of their household duties and children. When Thomas Jefferson stated that every citizen must be a soldier he was …show more content…
A new sense of patriotism would be formed because Americans would realize what that title truly means while fighting for the freedom that their country stands for. Even the citizens who were not fighting would have a greater sense of pride in their country because they would be waiting for their loved ones to come home, in the hope that they were winning the war. One of the more obvious reasons for reinstating the draft is because the size of our military would increase dramatically. In today’s world where there are so many conflicts that the United States must be involved in, the military’s soldiers are spread fairly thin. A draft would replenish the amount of soldiers in the military and give them the leg up in a fight. The final reason for why the draft should be reinstated is because the crime rate would go down. Many people feel like they do not have a purpose in life so they turn to criminal activity for a sense of a purpose. Being a part of the military and fighting for their country would give them a reason to do something with their lives. It would also instill certain characteristics in them that would replace the criminal habits that they used to have. These characteristics would then be passed on to other generations and lower future crime rates as well as present ones. Reinstating the draft is a great idea because of all the possibilities for improvement that it

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