Stereotypes Of Women In The Military

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Women can make a difference everywhere Women have always been rising to new levels each year. They accomplish things that people never thought they could do 50 years ago. Women have just ventured into a new task that has started great controversy in the United States. Women all over the US have been enlisting in the military, not just one branch but all of them. They have gone into the air force, to on the ground with marines. They have taken this on by storm and many people do not like how it’s turning out. Men say that women aren’t cut out for war but almost every man that fights beside these women say that they excel in what they do. The men in combat think of these women just like another man. They would put their life on the line for …show more content…
The Female stereotype that prevents them from going into the military. Women are still believed to be the stay at home wife. They are not supposed to leave for extended periods of time. This stenotype must be broken to full give women a chance to do what they want to do. Men are still expected to be the money maker or the soldier. This conflicts with both gender, the men feel that if they do not do these things they are not masculine enough and women fear the judgement that comes with breaking a common norm. The question must be asked, “What about having more husbands step up and take the major load” (Dorment 700)? If men were to take a more prominent role in household work and parenting it would free up the women. Men have started to become the stay at home dad more but it has not been enough the fully change the “men make the money” belief. Women should have good reason to wanting to expand to different horizons. They should feel like can go to war and not be judged by other. Women have already started to do more out of the household as it shows that “60 percent of two-parent household with kids under the age of eighteen are made up of dual-earning couples” (Dorment). A lot of women want to strive for self-dependence and want to be able to make a living without a man’s help. Women who are married and making self-sustaining money “say they’re very or pretty happy with life” (Dorment). This shows that women enjoy striving for independence. The military can offer this exact thing that women are seeking. “The military offers very competitive pay and benefit packages. Entry-level pay and benefits are hands down superior to entry-level jobs in the civilian sector” (Military). These benefits and pay can be used to support a family back home and provide stability to it. Since, “Approximately 95 percent of all jobs in the military are

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