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  • The Importance Of Living Room Layouts

    Living room is the social hub of the house, a place to receive close friends and sometimes passing acquaintances as well. It is only natural for us to try and decorate the living room in the best possible fashion. Only by selecting the appropriate living room furniture can we expect to do so. In many modern dwellings, living rooms also double up as a media room, home office or dining parlour. So to design a comfortable as well as elegant space, beautiful living room furniture is highly coveted. Living room design Living room layouts depend as much on individual tastes lifestyle as on the dimensions of the room. Compared to a simple and homely family room frequented only by close friends, lounge areas planned for hosting regular parties for…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Living Room

    My nerves are already shook because this being my first time babysitting, then, as I’m cleaning up the mess that the kids have made from dinner, I hear glass shatter and an ear-splitting alarm begins to go off. I immediately grab my phone and run to the kids that I have only known for an hour. They are still sitting in their room as if nothing happened so I go out to the living room to see if someone is there. “Who’s there?” I yell to the empty room. “I’m calling the police.” No one replies and…

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  • The Beggar In The Living Room Analysis

    Living in a luxurious house with understanding and patient parents is a dream of every child, right? William John Watkins in “The Beggar in the Living Room” draws a portrait of an orphan who was “lucky” to be adopted by an amazing family of Aunt Zsa-Zsa and Uncle Howard, who act like caring and supportive parents. Finally, the protagonist gets away from abusive step-father and gets into the family of well-educated, supportive people. However, behind various acts of attention, the story examines…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    directing my actions. I am convinced the angles held the fire back for my cousin to get out. The Firemen’s report stated the fire started in the Living room, we called it the Front room. The Front room normally for relaxing and socializing. The furniture included a large sofa for a family to gather and watch T.V. But, this was a sad room mother sat alone crying during the nights, you could feel the sadness in the walls. a small electric heater was knocked over by our cat. I was not fully…

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  • Living With Schizophrenia In The Quiet Room By Lori Schiller

    I chose the memoir written by Lori Schiller, “The quiet room” because I wanted to understand what individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia goes through. While leaving in New York, I worked as a case manager and the majority of the clients on my case were diagnosed with schizophrenia. I never to time to study and know more about this diagnosis. I had heard about it during my undergraduate, so I knew what it was and how the symptom is expressed on people who had it. However, there was a big…

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  • Liz's Room: A Narrative Fiction

    I laid in bed staring at the cream colored ceiling. The room smelled of dust and perfume. There was a few posters on the walls. The mattress and box spring laid on the floor with no bed frame. The room was freezing like it always was. Liz my friend was passed out right next to me. I grabbed my phone from under the pillow. It was 1:12 a.m. I had been staying here a lot since my home issues got worse. I felt my phone buzz on my stomach. I looked at it and there was a message from Josh right on…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My House

    around the age of 15. I loved that house from the scenery of the front yard to the enormous backyard. All the rooms on the inside had memories that I will never forget. I still remember which room was my favorite room to be in and had the best memories about. I’ve had up and downs in this house, but it will forever be my favorite house to live in. Even though the house was half blue and half yellow, the front yard of the house was beautiful. My mom planted gorgeous flowers…

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  • Matthew's Nightmare Short Story

    The walls, the stairs, the beds, the rooms, everything around him were all painted in blood RED. What was going on here? The sound of thunder could be heard outside of the house. It was storming outside. With every flash of lightning, more of this area was revealed. Near his bed, a dismembered body. On his wall, a human sculpture. On his floor, a trail of blood leading to the living room. "Do you think some measly quote will help him?" The trail of blood on the living room floor gave way to…

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  • The Three Choices Of Roommates

    allows for lies to be told. Someone we thought was exactly like us, could in reality be nothing like us. Most of these lies do not come out until we are actually living with this person. Roommates are one of the most important aspects of college life, and what type one gets can make or break the college experience. Out of the three choices of roommates, acquaintance, best friends or enemies; my roommate, Stephanie, and I fall under the acquaintance category. Both of us get along really well,…

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  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Essay

    food around. The suites require you to drag all that food and water up towards the residence hall which has is past the quads. The tower is even worst its past both of the suites and quads and the edge of campus. The quads are the closer and faster travel route. The quads also allow you to drive any vehicle up next to your door. Let 's say there 's a huge pack of zombies at the door to your quad you can make your way through with a car open the door and get in your houses and wait until they…

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