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  • Ethical Dilemmas In The Film Lord Of War

    into the dangerous realm of international arms dealing. Despite the emphasis on theatrics and suspense, the film focuses heavily on the ethical dilemmas that Yuri faces as he builds a life derived from his amassed wealth. While his thoughts may be hard to fully decipher at any given point in the movie, the ethical dilemmas he faces and how he is seen handling them provide insight into his character. To better understand Yuri and the ethical issues he finds himself engulfed in, his choices, their ramifications, and the identity he aligns himself with will be discussed. In addition, my interpretation of ethics in the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Arms Trade Treaty

    The ATT is a very modern treaty that outlines the legalities of arms trade amongst its state parties. Yet there are some controversial points that are written into the treaty. In Article VII, paragraph seven, focusing on the assessment and authorisation of exports from a state party. It states that “If, after an authorization has been granted, an exporting State Party becomes aware of new relevant information, it is encouraged to reassess the authorization” (Arms Trade Treaty, 2013). This is…

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  • Mycerinus And His Queen Analysis

    Both bodies are meant to give off a strong and youthful vibe. The sculptor stylized the rigid body of the pharaoh to show strength and power. Mycerinus’ shoulders are extremely broad and rigid, on either side of his body his arms lay evenly straight against his body. His arm muscles are clearly indented at the varying muscles and creases. The shoulder muscles bulge out sideways, while the elbow crease is clearly marked. Mycerinus hands are tightly clenched against his body, while his bottom…

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  • Nursing: A Short Story

    to feel the burning eyes of the various doctors in the room watching me, but the sight of the syringe with a large needle in the short grumpy old nurses hand makes me feel very unsettled. "You will only feel a slight pinch in your arm okay." Said the nurse while she grabs my upper arm and tries to find the dot she drew on my arm earlier camouflaged in the faint freckles up and down my arm. I take a deep breath as she brings the syringe , filled with the "magical" bring purple serum, closer and…

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  • Heraldry

    Most of the beginning arms and achievements included a version of the national cross (Znamierowski, 14-15), indicating the influence of the Catholic Church over medieval society, as well as the religious motivation of liberating the Holy Land connected with the Crusades in the minds of the medieval people. Another of the most common inclusions in an achievement was something that indicated the grantee’s name, such as arrows or indications of archery for the surname Fletcher, horses for Trotter,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Samsung And Galaxy

    Apple and Samsung are very similar in the way that they both sell smartphones and they both do the same functions. Providing the user with the same experience of cell phone calls and texts. These two companies are similar but have very different operating systems. They both have nearly the same apps and functions, such as music, internet, and web browsing. They are both smart phones, they are both at the top of the market, both are greatly desired by people overall, and they are great phones. …

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  • The Accordion's Role In The Book Thief

    The Accordion’s Role in The Book Thief In the novel, The Book Thief, Hans Hubermann’s accordion plays a very important role. Hans received this accordion and learned to play the accordion from Erik Vandenburg, Max’s father. Hans and Erik quickly became good friends during their time serving in France during World War I. In Part four Chapter one, we learn that Erik was killed during the fighting in World War I. “When he tracked down the family of Erik Vandenburg in Stuttgart upon his return,…

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  • Redemption In The Scarlet Letter, A Farewell To Arms, By Ernest Hemingway

    Redemption, is the act of making up for; making amends for or offsetting. Redemption is often looked at as a strong theme throughout many novels across the world. Three novels redemption finds its place in are The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, My Antonia by Willa Carther, and A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway. Each of these novels, in one way or another are considered stories of redemption. These three novels show the theme of redemption through strong character situations and…

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  • Punishment In The Cask Of Amontillado

    bones that were placed before they were born. Punishment by death is also seen through the use of symbolism. Before Montresor takes Fortunato to his home Montresor puts on “a mask of black silk, and drawing a roquelaure” (685) The black mask and roquelaure (winter coat) are a symbol of the grim reaper. The grim reaper symbolizes death so by Montresor dressing like the grim reaper one could see that he is death himself ready to take Fortunato’s life. Another symbol seen in the story is the coat…

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  • Analysis Of Thomas Mann's Mario And The Magician

    The Nature of a Meaningful Life Thomas Mann's Mario and the Magician is about a family who took a vacation in one of the beaches in Italy. For the purposes of this paper, the nature of a meaningful life will be analyzed based on the article, with Kant and Mill as sources to defend such analysis. Desires, Emotions, and Moral Choices Kant believed that desires and emotions do not play an essential role with how a person rejects or embraces morality (Kant, Abbott & Denis, 2005). In fact,…

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