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  • Armadillidium Vulgare Experiment

    The purpose of the lab was to observe the environmental impact on the behavior of pill bugs (Armadillidium vulgare) by using the steps of the scientific method. . We placed two pill bugs in an enclosed space and recorded the amount of time they spent in two categories of living spaces: hard rocks or soft sphagnum moss. Despite predicting that they would have a preference for a softer area, both pill bugs spent more of their time in the rocks than in the moss. This suggests that Armadillidium vulgare has a preference towards environments with hard surfaces over soft ones, possibly due to factors like light or surface area. However, certain experimental errors such as material density and poor handling may have skewed the accuracy of results. Introduction This lab was designed to utilize the steps the scientific method to explore the nature of pill bugs and how their sensory interactions with their environment influence their behavior and lifestyle. It focused on their response to different types of living space and which they would consider as a more preferable home. Specifically, it sought to explore the question as to which type of material, hard or soft, would the pill bugs find more comfortable. Pill bugs, or Armadillidium vulgare, are crustaceans with adaptations that allow it to survive in a terrestrial lifestyle in comparison to marine isopods. John Cloudsley-Thompson, along with other researchers, observed these adaptations, specifically their walking legs. These…

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