Army of Tennessee

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  • Sam Houston: The Founding Father Of Texas

    Sam was named after his father Samuel, who was also a major in the military. Sam was only 14 when he and his family made the trip from Virginia to Tennessee, a journey of about 524 miles on foot. During 1806 Sam had decided to run away from home and lived with the Cherokee. At that time Sam was only 16 years old. While Sam was living with the Cherokee,…

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  • The Battle Of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh On a nice day, alongside the bank of the Tennessee River at Pittsburg Landing, Ulysses S. Grants soldiers were relaxing. They were enjoying their selves, and at the point where they did not have a care since it was a hot day. They walked around barefooted, their buttons unbutton, sleeves rolled up, wrote a Illinois volunteer (Sword). What was about to happen on April 6, 1862, in Shiloh, Tennessee would be a surprise to Ulysses S. Grants soldiers. The commander for the Union was…

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  • William Blount Biography

    William Blount was born on March 26, 1749, at “Rosefield,” Bertie, NC. He died on March 21, 1800 at Knoxville, Tennessee. His parents were Jacob Blount Sr. and Barbara Gray Blount, he had two sibling’s name, Willie Blount and Thomas Blount. He also worked in the family business and later on he joined in on the American Revolution as the paymaster of the third regiment. “After winning are independent William got married to Mary Grainier and the had six childrens and out of those six children…

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  • Cherokee Trail Of Tears

    Christianity. In 1791 a series of treaties between the United States and the Cherokees, the treaties gave recognition to the Cherokees as a nation with their own laws and customs. The tribes were living as autonomous nations that would be later be known as the American Reep South. The tribes traveled by water as by land.There were three groups Cherokees, the first group of Cherokees left on June 6 by steamboat,barge from Ross’s landing on the Tennessee River, which is present day…

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  • Andrew Jackson's Impact On American History

    mother and two siblings (Cumming 67) died between 1780-1781 when Great Britain invaded South Carolina and he was taken captive. Jackson earned admission to North Carolina bar in 1787 and studied law. He then moved west of the Appalachians, which later became Tennessee, where he worked as a prosecuting Attorney. He established his own private law firm during which he married Rachel Robards and had no child. He participated in the Tennessee state constitution drafting was later elected Tennessee…

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  • Dorothy Lavinia Brown Research Paper

    Dorothy Lavinia Brown Dorothy Lavinia Brown was a woman with many names. She was an educator towards the youth, a legislator in the Tennessee House of Representatives, a community leader, and an inspiration towards children and adults in all situations. I personally picked Brown because of her accomplishments towards her dream career. ( Brown was born on January 7, 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a couple of weeks after her…

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  • Andrew Johnson's Presidency

    In 1853 Andrew Johnson becomes governor of Tennessee and just three short years later earned a seat as a U.S. senator in 1857. At the beginning of Andrew’s new journey, he introduces the Homestead Bill to the U.S. senate in 1857. On November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln becomes the sixteenth president of the United Sates. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Andrew decides to remain loyal to the Union and keeps his seat as a U.S. senate. It was not until 1862 when Andrew is appointed military…

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  • Andrew Jackson Struggles

    Andrew Jackson was an important figure in American history. Andrew Jackson went through many struggles including the British army and his family’s poverty in his early life. After working very hard Andrew Jackson finally reached his goal of becoming president. It all started when Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. His parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson. Sadly his dad died three weeks before he was born. He was only twenty- nine years old. This is how Andrew Jackson…

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  • Andrew Jackson's Change In The United States

    When we as Americans look back at our past, we are often overwhelmed with all of the significant events and people that shaped this great nation. When we take a closer look we can pick out a few that shaped this nation more than others. This country was founded over 200 years ago which gives us plenty to analyze, however, Andrew Jackson is one person in particular who undeniably played a huge role in shaping our country in the 1800s. A man of humble beginning that rose to prominence on the…

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  • Captain Charles H. Winesburg, Ohio

    000 people. The community was founded by a young lieutenant who fought in many Indian wars. The town was not originally named Clyde. Before they were renamed Clyde, the city was called Centreville. The city was renamed after Clyde, New York, which was the hometown of an early resident. Clyde has a few prominent citizens that left their mark in their life and in their community. These people are Captain Charles H. McCleary, Sherwood Anderson, and James McPherson. Charles H. McCleary…

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