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  • Dorothy Lavinia Brown Research Paper

    helped Brown graduate at the top of her class in high school at year of 1937. She earned a four-year scholarship from the Troy Conference Methodist Women. Brown attended Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina and graduated the second in her class in the year of 1941. ( Career Life In the Army Ordinance Department located in Rochester, New York, Brown worked as an inspector during World War II. Brown began to study medicine at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee in 1944. In the year of 1948, Brown received her Medical Degree. Brown earned the title of becoming the first African American female surgeon in the South. Brown became a Professor of Surgery in 1955. Brown served a yearlong- residency internship at Harlem Hospital in New York City. This was very difficult for her because of her gender. Harlem Hospital of New York City did not like females in the field of medicine, especially in the fields of surgery because the men believe that a woman's mind was too fragile for the gruesome and gory things that would take place during surgery. She was also denied residency because she was an African American. Brown conversed with the Chief Surgeon and earned her residency there. Brown returned to Meharry's George Hubbard College in 1949 for a five-year residency. She, then, became the chief of surgery in 1957 at Nashville's Riverside Hospital until 1983, because the hospital was closed down. In 1982,…

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  • Essay On Meharry Medical College, School Of Medicine: Personal Statement

    Meharry Medical College, School of Medicine’s mission and objectives encompasses what I hope to accomplish as a physician. Foremost, I want to be a primary care physician so I admire the school’s emphasis on teaching students to excel in the delivery of primary care. When I worked at Jumpstart, most of my students, in addition to living in a low-income area, spoke English as their second language. I improved their oral language skills and phonological awareness within a social environment.…

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  • Affirmative Action In Medical Schools: Article Analysis

    Therefore, medical schools implemented affirmative action plans in order to address this issue. However, the controversy started to rise when white college applicants began to take legal action against public universities and medical over the admission process. While some people suggest affirmative action enhances students learning experiences, others argue that instead of using race as a factor they should use socioeconomic factors in the admission process. Nevertheless, while diversity is…

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  • Ivy League Vs Hbcus

    College is an important part of a person's life. At college, one discovers who they truly are and develops themselves into adults that are ready for the real world. A person should always attend a school that fosters self-growth, a spirit of friendship and family, as well as a love for learning. College is a big step that comes with many questions such as public or private? large or small? Ivy League or HBCU? This research project will observe, compare, and contrast the differences between the…

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  • Speech-Language Pathologist Scholarship Analysis

    The major attribute that makes me a worthy candidate for the scholarship award is my commitment to pursue my profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). A dream that initiated when I was young and has led me to my graduate program. I believe in the saying, “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” as told by the former president of the US, Franklin D. Roosevelt. I find happiness in assisting and motivating people who need my help. This has been my…

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  • I Want To Become An Obstetrician/Gynecist

    are a list of things that I can do in life. It also take time to find who you are. It may take time for others, but once you find something that you will love to do. The best thing to do is to work for it and if it is not what you plan it would be. Well, there will be another journey that you will go through and that just makes you grow as a person. My love for math and science all started in elementary school then later on in life I lost the love for it. I felt that it learning science wouldn’t…

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  • Achieving My American Dream

    help from others, I should pay it back by doing charity. I realize that my life story is not solely based on the popular American dream. The high-quality education in the US makes me heartily appreciate the opportunity that I have been given. The more grateful I am, the more concerned I become when I look around and see countless people suffering. It is not all about achieving my American dream or surviving this winner-takes-all game anymore, I, on the other hand, passionately want to know the…

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  • Personal Experience: A Career As A Nurse

    much about Kate that I never knew. This two-hour conversation humbled and encouraged me. I want to show that Kate is a compassionate, intelligent, and persistent woman. As far back as Kate can remember, her dream job was to become an orthodontist. She hated her braces so much that she wanted to find a way to make them more bearable for others. Even at a young age she was still hoping to better the people around her. As she grew older, her thinking started to change. In high school her goal was…

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  • Pre-Health Requirements In College Essay

    pre-health student is competitive. Many aspects form the intensive four-year plan to ready the individual for a tougher medical school learning process. Therefore, the pre-health requirements in college are essential for building a thorough candidate for the medical field. This knowledge of how a medical school candidate is formed will inform others of the hard work students must face for success. Pre-health requirements encompass three major aspects that consist of the science courses, the…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Medical School

    poets where one needs to use all of the creative powers to write even a single poem, and one doesn 't ask for help unless he has tried it by himself. These qualities of a humble and a helping person along with a critical thinker were instilled in me early in my life. These values along with my hard work led me to medical school and to choose my career as a doctor. Beginning in medical school, I found passion in teaching other students and watching their progress over time. I believe that the…

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