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  • Gun Violence Is The Cause Of Mass Shootings

    Gun violence with has been the cause of the deaths of many American adults and children. According to BBC News, there were about 372 mass shootings in the United States in the year of 2015. There was 2015 Umpqua Community College shooting that had killed ten people and wounded 20 by the end of the day. People thought of the shooting with a collective shrug which means that they saw it as another common occurrence and ignored it. The collective shrug shows how America has been comfortable about shootings. There is one major reason why these shootings occur, faulty gun control. The second amendment, which gives us the right to bare arms, states that anyone has the right to own a weapon, but the amendment does not allow gun owners to use it for the wrong reasons. Currently, the U.S stands as being one of the top countries with having gun problems (CBSNews, Paragraph 8). It is no wonder why there is something wrong with our nation’s gun control: the lack of safety training, the weapons themselves, the process of obtaining a weapon, and the ineffective laws. Without immediate changes, there will be more dominant disorders, like more violence, in our communities. How did gun control become so out of hand? Well, people are exploiting the second amendment to go beyond what it states. Some people might want guns for hunting and protection, while some people want guns to attack or antagonize their communities. For example, a madman going crazy in a community. One way to reduce the…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control In The US

    A Target Worth Aiming At With an average of 4.3 million firearms being added to the United States each year, gun control is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our nation. The right to bear arms was the 2nd amendment in our Constitution; so obviously to our forefathers this has been a very important ideal since the beginning of our nation. Without implementing some sort of law in the coming years, all citizens will soon be in danger. According to the National Institute of Justice,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Gun Violence

    In 2015, 12,223 people died because of gun incidents. Gun violence is a substantial issue that should not be taken lightly. Gun violence should not be taken lightly because many people are losing their lives at faster speeds because of guns and the people who choose to pull that trigger and take off the safety. After thorough investigation we found that gun violence is a serious issue but there are other issues to worry about relating to gun violence that are important and add to the death of…

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  • Essay On Gunpowder Weapons

    with “Medieval Military Technology” and in 2012 they updated it with the second edition. It is generally regarded as the definitive source on medieval weaponry garnering praise and large readership. In the book Devries and Smith argue that firearms didn’t have an immediate impact on the battlefield, rather it took time for engineers to design effective firearms and it took time for them to be culturally acceptable. Unlike traditional medieval warfare which respected social status, “...gunpowder…

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  • Tenochtitlan Influence On The Aztecs

    simplified skull rack which was also found near the Temple Mayor. The Codex Mendoza was created to contain information about the lords of Tenochtitlan. The images were often in Spanish by a priest that spoke Nahuatl, the language spoken by the Nahuas (an Aztec ethnic group). The Codex was intended to be sent to the Spanish King, Emperor Charles V of Spain. However, it never made it to Spain . 4.Representing celestial, aristocratic, and military beings all at once, these angels were created as…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Child Soldiers

    Routines are a part of the human nature. We wake up, get dressed, and carry on our day with whatever we have planned. What if your routine consisted of grabbing a glock or an Arquebus and aiming at another human being and pulling the trigger? Wake up, fight, kill, survive, sleep. That routine is something child soldiers undergo every day of their lives. Kill or be killed, they say. The disputation of child soldiers has been going on for years and years. On one side of the debate, people insist…

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