Array data structure

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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    One of the objectives of this research is to develop a tool in Java programming language. Following the stated objective, CBPTT was developed in Java language and integrated using the NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 software. In order to show how pairwise combination strategy and constraints strategy was implemented in CBPTT let consider the example illustrated in Table 1.1. There are three parameters with quantity of 2, 3 and 3. These parameters are input as string which is presented as {2,3,3}. From this input, CBPTT split based on commas. This resulted in p which started from 0 to increment based on the split value. Then, p became the quantity of parameter which is 3. Parameter value was retrieved when information was converted in integer. Table 3.1 show the parameter and parameter value seen by CBPTT. Table 3.1Information for user input Parameter 0 1 2 Parameter Value 2 3 3 After that, pairwise parameter was generated where first parameter was looped with increment of 1 until second parameter limit was reached. For instance, First combination: [0,1] where 0 was index value of first parameter, then was added by 1. Second combination: [0,2] where previous value of 1 for second parameter was added by 1. Since, the index of second parameter was reached, first parameter index was incremented. Third combination: [1,2] where the index 1 was added by 1. But, the second parameter index was reached with this combination, no further combination was looped. Table 3.2 Parameter combination…

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  • Blessings Of Solar Energy

    One of the finest blessings of solar energy is that humans are by no means going to run out of this large electricity aid even for millions of years. That is not something we possibly can say for oil, coal, petroleum, and different fossil fuels that humans have been dependent on for thousands of years. If people need to save the earth from raising carbon-emission gases, pollutants of water, and even global warming, they ought to change the electricity sources they use at present. Seeking more…

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  • What Conditions Affect The Efficiency Of Solar Panels

    to the light source. The “fisheye” solar panel was less sensitive to the angle changes of the solar panel. Overall, the efficiency obtained for sunny conditions of solar panel A was approximately 138%, which is impossible to go over 100% due to the conservation of energy. According to pveducation, the average efficiency of mass produced crystal silicon solar cells is close to 13-14% efficiency. By these stats, the percent error for solar panel A was 124-125%. Error that could’ve contributed…

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  • The Benefits Of Solar Energy In Cameroon

    Cameroon has the resources available to be an exporter of electricity through hydroelectric power. So far the republic of Cameroon produces electrical energy from two hydroelectric stations who provide the services for those that can afford it. Out of the 1.2 billion people in the world without electricity, Cameroon is home to 10 million of the people without access to electricity. Almost half of the residents, 45%, in Cameroon do not have access to any type of electricity. And the rural areas…

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  • How To Absorb Solar Energy

    for harnessing solar energy is by using solar fields. A solar field is essentially rows of strategically placed solar panels that produce energy for the public. These fields are highly successful in producing large amounts of energy if in the proper location. The largest solar field currently is The Topaz Solar Farm, in California, which produces around 550 megawatts a year. This is the equivalent of producing enough electricity to power 160,000 average California homes. While the amount of…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge In Global Organizations And Management

    This entry culminates a set of posts regarding the vast knowledge we have acquired in global organizations and management. Since the beginning of this course we have been able to learn about several organizations and their different ups and downs in order to achieve a global expansion. It is truly a journey for each organization to understand what can truly help themselves to achieve such objective. Across many cases we have learned about many events that have taken place in each organization…

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  • Structural Dimension Of Public Management

    Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach, Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill (2009) have gone deep into the understanding of the structural dimension of public management. The most prominent topics in relation to the focus of the book that have been discussed in this chapter include the section of defining the concept of structure. There is also a topic on evolution of the structural perspective that focuses on the historical orientation of the structural dimension in relation to public…

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  • Type Of Archetype In Organization

    This type of organization is very bureaucratic. The major difference between this type of archetype and the machine bureaucracy archetype is that professional bureaucracy organizations depend on professionals who are highly trained and who demand control of their own work. The Professional bureaucracy archetype is found in organizations such as the hospital industry, law firms and universities. These organizations are very complex and contain a lot of regulations and procedures, which results…

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  • Structure And Culture To Achieve Job Performance And Satisfaction Case Study

    Structure and Culture to Achieve Job Performance and Satisfaction When a person is looking to make a change in employment, they look at where their expertise or domain of knowledge can be utilized while gaining to better himself or herself. In that quest, I believe that there are two key deciding factors, how a prospective company is structured and the manner in which the employees interact and perform their work together. When these two factors are satisfied, then the employee will…

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  • The Spread Of Culture Around The World

    through acknowledging their culture, all aspects of culture. They learn about their country’s culture and the architectural styles used in the famous buildings and monuments in their country. Education received in their own country affects how architects thinks about building a physical structure, the structure will have a representation of their culture through different variations, maybe a building or spiritual place. Architects will use their knowledge of designing and building a structure in…

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