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  • Film Photography: The Art Of Ethnography

    also didn’t understand that it needed film in it, or “photo fluid” as one pointed out… The kids then had never seen film before and had no idea what to do with it. Once they figured it out most took selfies…

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  • ANPO: Art X War Film Analysis

    The ANPO: Art X war documentary is amazing collection of oil painting, photographs, movie clips, and contemporary art. I think it is an important tool to understand the conflict between Japanese labor unions, students, and general people vs. Japanese government and the U.S. base camps. This movie explores the ANPO Treaty and chaos created by it through the lenses of Japanese great artists, who had live experience from the conflict. I did not know much about the treaty and post WWII conflict in…

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  • Art Observation Report

    addition, art is liberating more than mystifying because when I went to the art museum in Washington D.C, the National Gallery of Art. Going into the East building where the modern art was located, seeing the huge space and objects that were in the museum was relaxing. I went to the museum with my parents and they were just looking around the art pieces in the museum as I did and enjoying their time in the museum. As we all looked to the art pieces, we observed and had our own interpretation of…

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  • The Meaning Of Art In Roger Scruton's Why Beauty Matter

    Matters is a short film featuring Roger Scruton, a philosopher and writer, discussing why beauty matters in art and in life. Scruton discusses what art is today, and what art used to be. He discusses multiple different art pieces that, in his eyes, changed the meaning of art. Why Beauty Matters brings the attention on to several art pieces this class has seen in lectures, as well as brings attention to very different art pieces we have never seen before. Roger Scruton stated his positions on…

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  • Technological Reproducibility Of Photography Is Art

    Benjamin writes that the question of whether photography is an art is “misguided and confused.” He states that asking whether photography is art or not is the wrong question to ask because it is not whether photography is art or not, the question that should be asked is “what does photography do to/for art?”. I will discuss the concepts and ideas Benjamin uses to portray his point of what is at stake and significant regarding photography, focusing on technological reproducibility, aura, and…

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  • Why You Shouldn T Be An Artist Analysis

    You Shouldn't Be An Artist Or Should You? Why You Shouldn't Be An Artist is a short film directed by Simon Cade that explores some of the reasons a person should not become an artist. In listing these many cons of having a creative career, the film actually comes up with a monumental reason for creating and putting art out into the world. The questions gradually become a type of answer in trying to decide whether art is worth all the trouble and inconvenience it demands at times.…

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  • The Shortcomings Of George Dickie's Art And Aesthetic: What Is Art?

    something that has existed since the dawn of humanity. Artistic expression is an undeniable epicenter of the human identity. The arts are such a rooted part of the human identity that every society, culture, civilization, and group emulates some form of it, from pottery in Ancient Egypt to Shakespearean plays in 18th Century England. With this in mind, philosophers have attempted to answer throughout history the burning questions pertaining to this need and appreciation for the arts, to explain…

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  • Understanding The Arts As A Form Of Propaganda

    The Arts. A wide spectrum of knowledge encompassing of the performing arts, literary arts and visual arts. By watching movies, reading novels, listening to music or looking at a painting, the arts extend our personal knowledge and enrich our inner lives. Art is way through which an individual can understand their selves better. A way through which one can express their ideas freely without any boundaries. A way through one can understood various cultures and societies around the world. A way so…

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  • Meaning Of Artistic Photography

    like showing a story and every face tells a story, that is why the world knows that the older the people are the wiser they are because without photography, you would not be able to see that wisdom. The color in photography is the one thing that is very important because color represents mood and feeling and everyone should recognize that in the photographs taken nowadays. Art is beauty. Art clearly and accurately shows the basic, built-in, or the important qualities/scent of something. Art is…

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  • Mf Husain Case Study

    paintings, M F Husain, M F Hussain, kids, kids world fun Text: M F Husain , or popularly known as MF, was one of the most gifted and celebrated Indian modernist painter of the 20th century M.F Husain’s art was prolific in both technique and theme and he was widely known for his vibrant colored, bold, and narrative paintings in a Cubist style. He was immensely popular in India and was also popular internationally.…

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