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  • Meniscal Tears Case Study

    Meniscal tears are the most common orthopedic procedure performed. Out of the procedures, two-third is traumatic, while the remaining one-third is idiopathic. The medial is semicircular and lateral is a complete circle. The meniscus is made out of fibrocartilage, type I. Blood supply depends on the capillary as one-third of the ring is avascular, also known as the part that can heal. The function of the meniscus is to load absorption and serve as a shock absorber when pressure is applied across the knee. If the meniscus was taken away, the knee would experience 50% more stress pressure. The second function of the meniscus is to stabilize the anterior cruciate ligament. The most common injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament are acute injuries to the medial meniscus. Acute twisting injuries are the most common caused from sports-related incidents. Scenarios of incidents that are common involved one foot staying on the ground fixated, and the rest of the body was rotating. Waxing and waning caused joint line pain at the knee. Physical examinations, such as McMurray’s Test and Apley’s Test are used to access the level of injury. For McMurray’s Test, the patient is supine, knees flexed with a passive rotation to test the pain of the joint. For Apley’s Test, the patient is prone, knees are flexed, and compressions are added. These two exams are used because of their high sensitivity to detect damage of the meniscus. An MRI can be used to guide how a therapist will plan for…

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  • 1970s Medical Advances

    Medical tools and operations have been advancing ever since the first human cut his or herself on a rock, whether the advancements have been significant or not. Through all of this time, scientists and doctors have been searching for answers to try and improve the health of the world’s population daily. What many people do not realize is although the cure for cancer has not yet been found, treatments for many other diseases have been and medical technology has come a long way. Every decade,…

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  • Hip Arthroscopic Surgery

    the first time by Burman in 1931. 1 However, indications and procedure for arthroscopic surgeries remained very few for many decades because of lack of expertise and instrumentation. Since the early 1990s, the number of hip arthroscopic surgeries being performed has increased worldwide. Hip arthroscopy was introduced in India in the past decade only and still there are very few centres in India which perform arthroscopic management of hip pathologies. Ours is one…

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  • Arthritis Case Studies

    She has been diagnosed with medial meniscus tear and arthritis by MRI. She was seen 2 weeks ago, but was unsure if she wanted to pursue an arthroscopy, given the fact that she has significant arthritis and may not benefit from a scope. Examination of the right knee shows medial and lateral joint line tenderness. She has pain with McMurray’s test. Assessments include right knee tear of the medial meniscus and right knee unilateral primary osteoarthritis. Despite the fact that she may not…

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  • Essay On Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    shoulder. They are important in shoulder movements and stability. If this group is damaged, rotator cuff surgery is needed to relieve pain by repairing the rotator cuff. During this procedure, the patient is put in half-sitting position, having their head supported. General anesthesia is generally used during this procedure. This surgery involves reattaching the damaged tendon a stringy tissue that links the muscle to bone. Arthroscopy or open surgery? Shoulder surgery can be done in two…

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  • Symptomatology Case Studies

    Introduction Knee injuries are common in individuals that perform in the sports that require quick movements. These quick movements put the person at a high risk of suffering an injury to the knee. Of these injuries, the most common are meniscal and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. When a person suffers a potential injury they must be diagnosed by a qualified healthcare professional prior to deciding on an intervention to correct the tear. There are many different methods of diagnosis:…

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  • Work-Related Injury: A Case Study

    DOI: 12/27/2011. The patient is a 50-year-old female home attendant who sustained a work-related injury to her left arm, bilateral knees, left rib, and back, when she tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk while walking with her client. She had a left shoulder arthroscopic surgery on 4/30/2015. Per OMNI, she appears to have attended at least 16 PT visits from 5/14/15 to 6/29/15. Based on the latest medical report dated 12/16/15, the patient complains of left shoulder pain. She has been diagnosed…

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  • Nursing Case Studies Essay

    DOI: 01/24/2012. Patient is a 34-year-old female certified nursing assistant who incurred a work-related injury to her low back when she reached down to adjust wheelchair brakes and he felt low back pain. Patient is diagnosed with lumbar spine sprain with radiculopathy, right knee lateral meniscal tear, cervical spine sprain, right shoulder sprain, and right wrist and hand sprain. She is status post right knee arthroscopic sub-total lateral meniscectomy, chondroplasty of lateral femoral…

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  • Right Shoulder Pain Case Studies

    Per the panel QME report dated 11/04/15, the patient is not yet at maximum medical improvement (MMI). She is still severely symptomatic and needs further treatment. She is an appropriate candidate for a right shoulder arthroscopy with post-operative course of PT. Based on the medical report dated 05/09/16 by Dr. Yu, the patient complains of persistent right shoulder pain. Pain is 7-9/10 with overhead activity. On examination of the right shoulder, flexion is painful at 140 degrees and…

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  • Tenosynovitis Case Summary

    DOI: 5/9/2011. The patient is a 63 -year-old female contract buyer who sustained a work-related injury due to computer/typing duties. The patient is status post left wrist endoscopic carpal tunnel release, first dorsal compartment release, second dorsal compartment release and tenosynovectomy and arthroscopy and excision of central triangular fibrocartilage complex tear on 08/25/14 and right wrist arthroscopy and excision of central triangular fibrocartilage complex tear, carpal tunnel…

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