Art in ancient Greece

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  • Cycladic Art In Ancient Greece

    The famous writer Homer wrote stories about heroes and kings which once were believed to be part of his great imagination; nevertheless, archeology excavations found the extraordinary cities with great palaces of the his stories buried for centuries. Cycladic Art is named after the islands where the pieces were found (the islands make a circle around Delos). Most of the art found in these islands are small statuettes which depict nude women in most cases with some exceptions. These figurines were made with marble and placed in graves in order to accompany the dead to the afterlife.Examples of this art are "Syros Women" and "Keros Musician". The first period, also known as Palace Period, was destroyed by a fire followed by an earthquake. However,…

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  • Kleophrades Reaction Paper

    At the Penn Museum, I observed an Attic Red Figure Stamnos. The piece was created in Attica, Greece in approximately 490 B.C.E. and is attributed to the Kleophrades Painter. According to a publication by the Archaeological Institute of America, the Kleophrades painter was a prominent artist of Athenian vase painting. The Kleophrades painter, a name assigned to the artist because his true name remains unknown, has almost ninety works that have been attributed to him. Archaeologists and Art…

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  • Idols In Ancient Greek Art

    cherish. Icons and Idols has been a huge influence on art during different periods of time. Two specific art periods that have produced artworks that Utilize the theme of icons and idols; are Ancient Greece and India. In these cultures, new techniques and skills were developed and many are still used today. These art periods were tremendously progressive in the creative times, and they both shared the theme of icons and idols. Indian art is very intriguing. The artworks created during this…

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  • Perfectionism In Ancient Greek Art

    The production of art in the ancient world saw numerous styles and traversed many cultures. Throughout this period of art production, techniques improved, materials of the ancient world were explored, and artists perfected their craft. The art of ancient Greece is superior to the art of all other periods because of the attention to detail, perfectionism in architecture, and the ability to fully accomplish realistic representations of ideal human proportions while also adapting old techniques and…

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  • Ancient Greece's Economic System

    Ancient Greece was one of the most impactful societies during it’s time and history in general, thanks to how the government system was created and maintained, the plethora of ideologies and philosophies, and the economic system. Greece was the birth of arguably one of the most important government systems ever created now known as a Democracy which is still used today. Philosophies and ideologies impacted the regions nearby and have also affected modern day drastically in many ways. The…

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  • Nudity In Ancient Greece

    Throughout the development of the world, the idea of nudity presents a complex history and disputing views. The current society shies away from the idea of nakedness, but the Ancient Greeks sculpted naked statues with no shame. The topic of nude statues creates an environment of power from the artist’s decision of sculpting. Even the famous poet, Homer, recognizes the purpose and idea of nudity in The Odyssey. In Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, a naked Odysseus wanders around the river’s bank in…

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  • The Importance Of Humanism In Greek Free Standing Sculpture

    divine or supernatural matters (Oxford Dictionaries). Humanism is a philosophy in which human dignity and human value are most important. Humanism began in Greece around the 5th century BCE with the philosopher Protagoras. Protagoras once stated “Man is the measure of all things” he believed that man should set the standard as opposed to gods. Humanism to the Greeks was a way of life, they valued people above everything else. According to an article for About Religion, Austin Cline said in…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Mesoamerican Americans

    "… The most frequently cited aspect of Aztec culture is human sacrifice, which was linked with religious ritual." Many people today portray the sacrifices back to the ancient civilizations to those of the aspects like sacrifices, to the Mayans and the Aztecs, that occurred around modern-day Mexico before, during…

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  • Field Trip Reflective Report

    B1. The field trip will take place during the middle & end of the third week. The students will be attending an indoor or outdoor track practice and track meet at Liberty University. The field trip will help the students understand how the olympic games of today are modeled after the games of ancient Greece. B2. During the track practice the students will have the opportunity to view different types of modern events that takes place at a track meet. The students will be able to ask…

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  • The Geographic Characteristics Of Greek Civilization

    simply different? How do you evaluate this?” First, in ancient Greece, this civilization cultivated during the beginning of the Archaic period to the end of antiquity. After this period was the…

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