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  • Charles Dickens Modernism

    The Victorians did not just focus on one genre, this itself can prove that they led a much richer life. They did not just focus on the masterpieces of the authors, like what the Modernists do, that would be too minimal to fulfill any sort of goal of the writer. The earlier time period of literature focused on an array of genres to get many different things across to their readers; such as: histories, sermons, social critiques, political arguments, scientific and religious debates, aesthetic questions. All of the genres can relay a different meaning, and focus on the many different issues of the time period. One can argue that the Victorians do not have one focus because of the need to be everywhere with their genres, but they can say more through those than the modernists’ need to focus on only one genre, or masterpiece. Which these masterpieces may be unreadable to the average reader of the time. Works such as, T.S. Eliot’s Waste Land is a perfect example of complication. “…The poem presents a series of voices: the personality is a composite, a construct made up of a variety of selves…” (Crews 20), with this explanation the reader knows that the reading of the…

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  • The Importance Of Travel Writing

    travel writing piece when it is simply historically based and not based on personal experience, but whether it should be banned from the genre because of this is an altogether different discussion. Travel writing allows a reader to gain a deeper perspective into another culture usually from a firsthand account, allowing them a deeper understanding than might be gained on the internet or flipping through a travel magazine. As Jenny Diski so aptly points out in “Skating to Antarctica, “I…

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  • Analysis Of A Tales Of Cinema, And Day By Hong Sang-Soo

    the world. He holds a unique position in the modern cinema world for his keen sensitivity to the materiality of objects that he comes into contact with in real life and his talent to convert them to the materiality of a cinematic signifier. This stylistic and thematic consistency has an advantage in marking Hong as a unique entity (Huh 1). Born in Seoul in 1960, Hong Sang-Soo grew up with parents who owned a film production company, Cinetel Seoul, and exposed him to foreign films. Hong grew to…

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  • Hammurabi Code Analysis

    influence of many different types of god in Egypt’s society was also attributed by the belief of pharaohs, as they were to rule at the behalf of god. Egypt adopted many different deities and merged with one another, as a result of worshiping the pharaohs. Even, coming very close to worshiping the royal god of the sun’s disk. Egyptian’s literature and writing was also transformed as per time, from the pictographs called hieroglyphs as a form of writing to the different genre of literature.…

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  • Star Trek Comparison

    Science fiction movies are based off of imaginative while including futuristic advances while fantasy movies use imaginative elements that are impossible. The misconception between Star Wars and Star Trek fans that both franchises fall into the same genre is easily refuted. These loyal fanatics are familiar with untrue comparisons and they give the true arguable difference between the two genres. Star Wars and Star Trek do share similarities within settings, action, romantic scenes and their…

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  • Western Film Themes

    Westerns: The Final Chapter During my research, I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t enjoy westerns very much. In order to understand why I don’t enjoy westerns much, we must first get a basic idea of what a western is. Westerns are more of an older genre as they are not made much in the modern day and age. To understand westerns, knowing the basic themes and elements would be most helpful. The four main themes of a western include: Man vs. Nature, Good vs. Evil, East meets West and…

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  • Sci-Fi Science Fiction

    Sci-fi or science fiction movie is a type of movie that feature a science based plot, which usually include futuristic elements such as robot, space, etc. Furthermore, science fiction sometime talks about other issues like political, social, and philosophical. According to Vivian Sobchack, an American cinema and media theorist and cultural critic said that “Science fiction film is a film genre which emphasizes actual, extrapolative, or speculative science and the empirical method, interacting in…

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  • The Imagination Of Disaster Susan Sontag Analysis

    In “The Imagination of Disaster”, Susan Sontag explores the significance of the affects that science fiction movies have on society. Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with the imaginative concepts of futuristic science and technology such as time travel, parallel universes, space travel, and extraterrestrial life. The author states, “science fiction films are not about science; they are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art. In science…

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  • Essay On Film Storyboard

    These genres apply the same elements but are used differently. For example, a horror film and an action film storyboard use all the same elements, but how they are used in the storyboard itself differs distinctly. In a horror film storyboard, the element of story is very detailed throughout the film. It is to tell the audience how the character gets involved in the situation. The element of character in the film storyboard needs to show fear. Horror film tends to have a slow paced time frame.…

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  • Archetypal Characters In The Lord Of The Rings And Harry Potter

    Fiction in an important literary art form. Fictional writings, usually short stories or novels, are stories that depict imaginary events. But they are much more than that. Fictional stories have evolved as time has evolved, starting with Greek Mythology, leading into fairy tales, and eventually becoming well known favourites such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It leaves us wondering, why do people like fiction? How have fictional stories withstood the test of time? I believe people…

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