The Social Impact Of Charles Dickens And The Modernist

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Many people have opinions over what makes you more entitled than the next. You get this snobbishness between the periods in literature. Most have debated who was able to have a richer more substantial literary life and whom has influenced it’s readers to greater things. Many need to ask themselves, “Who makes the greater social impact?” the Victorians or the writers in the 20th century, the Modernists. Many things can help the writers and novelists to preach to a wider audience. Contrary to popular belief, the Victorians enjoyed a much more varied, richer, and freer literature than readers in the 20th century. The Victorian writers shared a need to unfold the social struggles of the time. They all had something in common. Charles Dickens’ was no exception as he fed into, “the typical conversion of the great Victorian moves is not a religious conversion but a turning from self-regard to love and social responsibility,” (Hardy 49). This social responsibility was always present in Dickens’ work. Though his characters start out in a negative view …show more content…
Nowadays writers have one goal in mind, with the coming of film, television and radio, they want to be on it. It is not the need to say something to a crowd but to be cherished by the crowd on their own terms. Victorians focused on the content and what audiences will make of it compared to other authors of today. In the Victorian period the focused mainly on serialization of the text to have continuous readings. Dickens’ work was mostly serialized for journals, he thus became fairly familiar with the art of condensing work to get the most out of the space, “The scheme of the chapters, the manner of introducing the people…” (Grubb 143). They put thought into what they were writing a producing so the public can get a complete visual within the first

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