Hammurabi Code Study Guide

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1) Culture is a group of community, who shares common belief and experiences which shape the world of their understanding, including political belief, race, religion, national, origin, and gender. Understanding of culture is important, because it can give person to analyze things from different prospective. It also provides opportunity to better understand each other and way of life, which will bring two together.
2) With the invention of writing, there was no need of memory, speech, and rely on person to person interaction to transmit information. The need of simple way of record keeping and organizing of agricultural and business information of the Sumerians to the pictograms, and phonograms. Writing was soon spread across along with Phoenicians as they traveled different region and influencing the writing many other people. Stories of gods, kings, and heroes were written as
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Hammurabi’s code was not the only code which was established in Mesopotamia, or law codes can be trace back to 2100 B.C.E. But it was the first law code to have a significant impact on public, regulating many aspect of life. Although, his code was more famous for the “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” justice. But, his code also establishes many law, including punishment for breaking the law, including fines, whipping, burning, and mutilation. His code was extensively focused on agriculture, penalizing tenants for neglecting the land or not working on. Tenants were also forced in to slavery, if they were found of negligence, resulting of damaged crop. Anyone found performing adultery was subjected to a death penalty. Although, his code had offered many right things, such as, adopt children and include them in their wills, ensure consumers got what they paid. But, there were also many controversial and biasness among rich and poor, and throwing anyone accused of witchcraft in to

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