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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    One of the objectives of this research is to develop a tool in Java programming language. Following the stated objective, CBPTT was developed in Java language and integrated using the NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 software. In order to show how pairwise combination strategy and constraints strategy was implemented in CBPTT let consider the example illustrated in Table 1.1. There are three parameters with quantity of 2, 3 and 3. These parameters are input as string which is presented as {2,3,3}. From this input, CBPTT split based on commas. This resulted in p which started from 0 to increment based on the split value. Then, p became the quantity of parameter which is 3. Parameter value was retrieved when information was converted in integer. Table 3.1 show the parameter and parameter value seen by CBPTT. Table 3.1Information for user input Parameter 0 1 2 Parameter Value 2 3 3 After that, pairwise parameter was generated where first parameter was looped with increment of 1 until second parameter limit was reached. For instance, First combination: [0,1] where 0 was index value of first parameter, then was added by 1. Second combination: [0,2] where previous value of 1 for second parameter was added by 1. Since, the index of second parameter was reached, first parameter index was incremented. Third combination: [1,2] where the index 1 was added by 1. But, the second parameter index was reached with this combination, no further combination was looped. Table 3.2 Parameter combination…

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  • Social Work Field Experience Report

    Being able to attend Boston Universities CSWE Accredited Online Masters of Social Work Program opens possibilities that I would have never thought imaginable. Boston University is recognized for academic excellence across the country, what I feel is their most important quality is that students are given wide range of learning opportunities to allow for studying in a way that is convenient and comfortable to them. During my undergraduate career, I quickly learned that large classes that went on…

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  • The Role Of Sexuality In The Media

    prevent children from seeing films regardless of whether or not they are with a parent. In the United States, these ratings are determined by unidentified individuals who take great precautions to remain anonymous—a behavior only taken by American film raters (TFNYR). Though a panel of “parents” is intended to be rating these films, their anonymity prevents the general public from being able to determine the validity of their ratings, as every parent and individual has a different tolerance for…

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  • Morality In Psychology

    Conduct or commonly the Ethics Code of the American Psychological Association ever since (American Psychological Association, 2015). As it has been noted, morality has been at the center of developing governments, religions, and even fields of science. It has been pioneered by philosophers like Aristotle, Sun Tzu, and Nicolo Machiavelli; pioneered by scientists such as Darwin, Piaget, and Kohlberg. Yet, it is not just the principles of morality or any particular standard that has concerned many,…

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