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  • Honor In Colonial Latin America Analysis

    Since the period of conquest and colonization, Latin America has provided a site for the complex interaction of peoples of indigenous, European, and African descent. This triple cultural heritage has at varying points in Latin American history resulted in intricate socio- racial hierarchies that embraced racial heterogeneity in daily social practice. This sketch presents us with colonial Latin America in 1820, the sketch is composed of a Spanish man who we are able to conclude is well off economically. He seems to be the head of the household, this is noticed by his leadership position in the sketch and is followed by what seem to be his daughters, wife, Indian servants, and African slaves. Although, many might argue that this is a sketch is…

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  • Why I Want To Be An Officer Application Essay

    by gaining the invaluable skills of project planning, task delegation, conflict resolution, time management, and public speaking. I would be able to carry this directly into my role as an officer, after all the most important trait in an officer is leadership. Throughout this period I have been very sure to live an increasingly healthy lifestyle. In high school cross-country I won all-region and all-county honors at the varsity level as well a Junior Olympic event championship at the state…

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  • Many Lives Many Masters Chapter Summary

    Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss M.D. is a persuasive documentation of reincarnation, the past-life, and the afterlife. This book recounts the true story of the author, Brian Weiss, and his experience with reincarnation. He is a prominent American psychiatrist who is married and has two children. He heals his young patient, Catherine, with past-life therapy. In 1966, Brian Weiss graduated Columbia University with a Phi Beta Kappa (Honors), magna cum laude (means "with great praise"). In…

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  • Essay About Moving Experience

    Through all my hard work, I accomplished my biggest educational goal. That was to graduate with honors. I was called into my school’s office to learn what cord I’d be wearing. I was so shocked to find out I was graduating as a summa cum laude student. I expected myself to get magna cum laude so I was very proud of myself for exceeding my expectations. Besides being a summa cum laude graduate, I wore two other cords. These cords were from the National Honors Society and Spanish Honor Society. I…

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  • Hlawn Kip Tlem's Success Through Failure Essay

    Kurtz & Dobson, is one of the top 10 accounting companies in the United States. Tlem got Bachelor of science degree in accounting, summa cum laude, from University of Evansville in May 2015 with an Outstanding Senior Service Award. This award is giving to only one female and one male graduating seniors from the entire school. Compared to her achievements, Tlem’s earlier life wasn 't that smooth. Tlem arrived USA seven years ago in 2007, from Malaysia and started her freshman year at SHS. Life…

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  • My Learning Journey Research Paper

    Even when my friends called me an overachiever for studying too much, I didn’t mind. I thrived on receiving good grades. I finished my freshman year Magna Cum Laude, which means I had at least a 3.8 weighted GPA. At the end of each year my high school held an awards ceremony for the students that finished the year Cum Laude or above. All my classmates were saying it was nerdy so I complained to my mom about her making me go. After complaining to her, my mom started crying and exclaiming I needed…

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  • Personal Experience: Becoming Cultural Differences

    As a child of a US Military veteran, I was fortunate enough to travel and live in different countries since my father was frequently stationed from one place to another. Over time I grew accustomed to moving from one country to another, however, the biggest struggle I faced was when I moved to the Philippines for high school once my father retired from the Navy. Despite being a Filipino-American, I was still faced with discrimination, which I struggled with for years. Another struggle I faced…

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  • Essay On Partner Violence

    Shame Proneness and Help-Seeking Behavior in the Culture of Honor There’s a steady growth in research regarding intimate partner violence (IPV). What is IPV? Depending on the study, IPV can account for different variables. For this instance, intimate partner violence is defined as “behaviors that cause physical, sexual, or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse, and controlling behaviors” (Pence, 2013). Furthermore, an intimate partner can be…

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  • Honor In Modern America Analysis

    Honor In Modern America In today’s world, honor is being demonstrated or acknowledged when young boys and men play video games such as Medal of Honor. While playing that game, or games that are similar, the men are experiencing what it would really be like to feel or obtain honor and all that comes with it. Honor is not being portrayed in the world the way it should be. Society is often changing the meaning of honor. Even though honor is represented differently in other cultures, it is being…

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  • Modern Day Honor Crimes

    Honor killings and offenses are often thought to be an outlandish crime exclusive to only the currently tumultuous Middle East and surrounding areas, while in actuality, this is far from the case. An honor killing is typically defined as “a killing of a relative, especially a girl or woman, who is perceived to have brought dishonor to the family” . This dishonor is generally related to things regarding premarital relationships, such as premarital sex, or other forbidden acts that a community…

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