Sam Houston: The Founding Father Of Texas

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Texas would not be where it is today without the many leaders that formed it, but the one that stands out to me is Samuel Houston. Better known as Sam Houston, he was once thought of as a coward, but became one of the founding fathers of Texas. Sam had a very accomplished life. Sam Houston was born in Virginia on March 2, 1793. Sam grew up with a family of four brothers and three sisters. Sam was named after his father Samuel, who was also a major in the military. Sam was only 14 when he and his family made the trip from Virginia to Tennessee, a journey of about 524 miles on foot. During 1806 Sam had decided to run away from home and lived with the Cherokee. At that time Sam was only 16 years old. While Sam was living with the Cherokee, …show more content…
Four years later, on January 22, he married Eliza Allen. During this time Sam became the governor of Tennessee. He built quite a reputation. Unfortunately Sam and Eliza’s marriage did not last, and they decided to divorce. When word of the divorce got out, Sam's reputation was put on the line, and he quit his job as governor and went back to living with the Cherokee.
Sam Houston again fought in the military, when he helped fight for the independence of Texas. Sam led troops at the Battle of San Jacinto into victory, but unfortunately he suffered a shot to the leg during the battle. The rifle ball caused his ankle to shatter.
Samuel had a pretty good reputation and was well known to many people. Because of this, he has many accomplishments. For example, on March 1, Sam was elected for the convention of San Felipe. Sam was also the leader in Texas for more than 25 years. He was also Commander of the army, president of the Republic of Texas, senator, and governor of Tennessee. In fact he even has a motto: “Do right and risk consequences.” After all of this Sam decided to marry a new woman named Margaret.They ended up having 8 children.
Sam was a very well accomplished man. Sam Houston has done a lot for the state of Texas, and I'm proud to be writing an essay about him. Samuel Houston is one of many Texas

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