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The Life of Dorothy Lavinia Brown Dorothy Lavinia Brown was a woman with many names. She was an educator towards the youth, a legislator in the Tennessee House of Representatives, a community leader, and an inspiration towards children and adults in all situations. I personally picked Brown because of her accomplishments towards her dream career. (

Brown was born on January 7, 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a couple of weeks after her birth, her mother and Brown moved to upstate New York. Once she turned five-months-old she was placed in adoption at Troy Orphan Asylum (soon was renamed Vanderhyden Hall) in Troy, New York. This orphanage is where Brown's thought of her career took place. When Brown had her tonsillectomy at five, she had an immediate interest in medicine. She was never adopted until the age of thirteen, which was when her biological mother reclaimed her. Ever since her mother reclaimed her, Brown had runaway five times and was always found at the orphanage.
During Brown's teenage years, she worked at a Chinese laundry and helped Mrs. W.F.
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Brown served in the Tennessee House of Representatives for two years. During those two years, Brown introduced a bill to legalize abortions in Tennessee if there was any case partnered with rape or incest. During this time, Tennessee’s archaic abortion law only obliged if the mother's life was at risk. Her bill did fall because of the failure to obtain two votes. Brown also played an important role with the creation for Negro History Week, which expanded to Black History Month. By helping pass this act, it made it a requirement to have special ideas, activities, and programs to celebrate and recognize African Americans' accomplishments during

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