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  • Assembly Line Justice Case Analysis

    courtroom players. We have all watched series such as Law and Order, CSI, American Crime, etc., but they give us a false sense of what an actual courtroom setup looks like. Unlike these shows, there are various steps that must be taken before the defendant is prosecuted. There is the arrest, initial appearance, bail is set, either a grand jury or preliminary hearing is conducted, arraignment occurs, along with all pre-trial motions being heard before trial, a trial is then started, a sentence is given, and sometimes the defendant appeals the charge. In contrast, assembly line justice cases end at the arraignment phase since the defendant accepts a plea deal. The Vigo County courthouse is classified into six divisions based on the types of cases each judge presides over. I decided to view the cases of division five which deals with impaired driving and drug cases. The cases that I watched were known as assembly line justice, meaning that an actual trial does not take place since the defendant pleads guilty in order to get a plea deal. Since they take a plea agreement this stage is known as the arraignment. In assembly line justice cases are moved quickly…

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  • Sample Community Meeting Review

    It was a positive experience for me. When you are on the other end it is easy to get frustrated at how long everything seems to take, or how long you wait around, only for the hearing to be over in two minutes. However, there are a lot of moving parts to everything, and as far as I could tell everyone was working to the best of their abilities. If things take long it is often because the courts have to follow very strict laws and make sure defendants are granted their constitutional rights. For…

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  • Summary Of 'Lord Of The Flies' By William Golding

    Dylan Lankford English II 12/12/16 “Arkansas” LOTF Essay There are many instances of children killing other kids, adults, and even their own family members. A tough question that countries and states have to decide is when these children should be accountable for their crimes. The age varies from country to country, some allowing kids to be responsible for criminal actions at the age of 7 while others are much higher such as 16, or 18. In the article “Arkansas Boys Who 5 are sentenced” by Rick…

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  • Events In Law & Order

    informed the detectives that it takes more than two weeks for the child’s body to deteriorate due to their organs developing an infection. Therefore, Keith would have known that the children were being neglected by their mother. He stated that he visited the home two weeks ago but he was not sure. This was a sign that he was not visiting the home. The detectives informed the district attorney that they wanted to have Keith prosecuted. The district attorney stated that he would need for…

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  • Role Of Coercion In Plea Bargains

    The use of coercion in plea bargains is constitutional according to the Supreme Court. Since plea-bargains for drug courts involve a greater need of coercion than normal court process due to the limited options available, it is considered a leveraging power to help drug users take advantage of the necessary treatment provided. However, the excessive use of coercion has led to many drug offenders entering treatment that are considered understaffed and over capacity (Parsons & Wei, 2015). The…

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  • Case Study Of Adult Plea Court Cases

    I have observed a few cases in the adult plea court, and while some cases were quick and short, only one was long. Even though there were various of cases that were dealing with different types of crimes, I saw that the legal system was still fair with their decisions towards the accused. A small case that occurred was R v. Stanley and the type of case was assault which is under section 265.1(a) in the criminal code. The name of the accused was Alloq Stanley, the crown 's name was Mr. Humphrey…

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  • Criminal Trial Arraignments

    First and foremost, the whole experience is one that I could never forget. I realized that a criminal trail and a pretrial deferred greatly from all the arraignments that I have ever been to. An arraignment in the United States is the formal reading or presentation of charges against an individual as well as the stage where an individual enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. While a pretrial as stated earlier, is a proceeding that includes the judge, prosecutors and the defense attorney who are…

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  • Late-Night Arraignment: A Case Study

    The police work 24 hours a day and make arrests around the clock. This is why A & J Coggins Bonding, in Covington, GA, features a 24-hour bail bondsman. Year after year, this dedicated bonding company helps individuals and their loved ones get out of jail quickly, day or night. They understand how important it is to get you or your loved on out of jail as soon as possible. Consider these three benefits of a 24-hour bail bondsman. Late-Night Arraignment: Suppose you go to jail and your case…

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  • Examples Of Racketeering

    The words "chargeable under State law" in § 1961(1)(A) signify "chargeable under State law at the time the offense was submitted." There is no ground for questioning the opportuneness of the arraignment. For this situation three of the five demonstrations of renumeration which the legislature demonstrated occurred inside the pertinent state statute of restrictions. Three demonstrations of renumeration make an example of racketeering action. The pertinent dates demonstrate that the example…

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  • Reflection In Criminal Justice

    when I went home for Thanksgiving. On my adventure, there I learned a lot of new things. For example, the way they actors and actresses portray how it 's done is different than the way the textbook and how the actual courtroom did it while I was there. In this reflection paper, I will reflect on my experiences at the courthouse, which includes sitting in on an arraignment, bench trial, a sentencing, and even talking to a lawyer. To start…

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