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  • Essay On Jury Trial

    To answer the debate on whether to not use a jury in criminal case I turned to the internet to research the topic closer. Instinctually, I think that it would be a good idea to move to a judge trial. In my research, I have definitely made up my mind that this is the best way to go to solve a number of issues that currently are occurring in our judicial system. In the internet article on www.businessinsider.com (America should get rid of the jury trial) was very informative to me in reaching my decision. South Africa banned jury trials in 1969. The main reason behind this is the lack of willing people to serve as well as the odds of racial profiling. In America I do not think it is so much a racial profiling issue as it is that the judicial system is so complicated that the majority of people that would be called to jury duty simply do not have the intelligence or legal knowledge to decipher a large portion of the information and the idiosyncrasies of the law. Law professor Peter Van Koppen explained why this is such an issue stating that jurors often have to decide “technical issues beyond their aptitude.” I was unaware that the jury trial began in King Henry II time to settle land disputes. When the American Colonies where formed the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution…

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  • Why Is Trial By Jury Important

    Trial by jury has been prominent among the United States Judicial System since the medieval times. Originating in medieval England, the jury consists of twelve locals in order to decide the fate of the one being tried. Constitutionally, the government cannot revoke someone’s right to life, liberty, and property until the jury is convinced of one’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury is essential in preventing governmental encroachment and ensuring that the rights given by the Constitution…

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  • Purpose Of Jury Trial

    The purpose of a trial is to discover the truth. The process of a trial is adversarial in nature. The adversaries in a criminal trial are the state and the defendant. The state is represented by a prosecutor. A defendant is represented by a criminal lawyer. Only two percent of criminal cases are disposed of by jury trials (Bohm & Haley, 2012). Before a trial formally begins, attorneys can file pretrial motions. A motion is a request to the judge for a particular action. Motions to…

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  • Jury Trial Advantages

    Trial by Jury is a venerated feature of the English Legal System and traces its roots back to Magna Carta in 1215. However, despite being the subject of media scrutiny in more recent years, it is important to consider the merits of the jury system as it represents more than just democratic fairness, they embody dedication to delivering justice and encompass a unique set of morals used as guidance to deliver it correctly. Perhaps the benefits of jury trials are best argued when considering the…

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  • Functions Of Trial By Jury

    Trial by Jury What is a Jury? – A jury can be simply defined as a body of people that are sworn to give a verdict on a particular matter that is submitted to them. Also a jury is a group of people that attends in judgement not only upon the accused but also upon the justice and humanity of the law. Role of a jury – The jury fulfils a very important function in the legal system. The jury decides the facts of a case and their directions. You are entitled to be tried by the jury unless the alleged…

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  • Jury Trial For Juveniles

    For this assignment, I chose two articles that studied jury trials for juveniles. The first article; “The Verdict on Jury Trials for Juveniles: The Effects of Defendant’s Age on Trial Outcomes” studied the effect that the age of the defendant has on the jury’s verdict. The second article; “Jurors’ Perceptions of Juvenile Defendants: The Influence of Intellectual Disability, Abuse History, and Confession Evidence” studied the perception jurors have towards juvenile defendants. Both of these…

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  • Jury Trial Summary

    The Queens Supreme Court is the 11th District Court of New York. I interned in the Civil Court division, which handles various cases of a non-criminal nature. I interned under, Justice Martin Ritholtz, who handles cases of both civil and a commercial nature. Within the Queens Supreme Court, there are only three judges who handle commercial cases, thus many of the cases that Judge Ritholtz saw were of a commercial nature. Most tended to be non-serious car accidents. These cases traditionally…

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  • Jury Trial Analysis

    jury selection process the prosecution eliminated all the black prospective jurors by use of peremptory strikes. Snyder then appealed his conviction and petitioned for a writ of certiorari, and upon review it was held by the Supreme Court that the prosecutor’s reasons for striking prospective black jurors were pretext for racial discrimination which resulted in a reverse. Along with the right to counsel, the defendant also has the right to a public trial, which includes every stage of the trial.…

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  • Jury Trial Advantages And Disadvantages

    | | | |No enquiry allowed into jury deliberations after verdict, even if juror | |Section 51 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 creates offence |alleges racial or any other type of bias or wrongdoing by the jury. | |to intimidate or threaten to harm a juror. | …

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  • Jury Trials In Russia Essay

    The jury system in Russia was first implemented in 1864 and abolished by the Bolshevik government in 1922. The new Code on Criminal Procedures of the Russian Federation reintroduced jury trials in sixty-nine of eighty-nine regions in Russia. Jury trials faced much opposition when first being reinstated. At the time of reinstatement, many lawyers believed that jury trials did an excellent job of defending innocent people but failed to punish criminals. Russia was attempting to put in place a…

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