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  • Operation HUSKY

    Operation HUSKY was ultimately an Allied victory that met its objectives, but its planning and execution highlighted significant deficiencies in command and control and integration of Allied forces. Senior commanders, primarily General Eisenhower and British General Alexander, failed to adequately provide their staffs and subordinate commanders with clear intent, nor did they fully exploit the combined ground, air, and naval capabilities available to them. This essay identifies the shortcomings in Allied planning and execution in relation to mission command and the integration of joint functions during HUSKY. These shortcomings were not so grave as to bring about defeat, but they do provide vivid examples of faulty planning and execution when…

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  • Court Reflection Paper

    One individual in particular became violent with the court marshals, while the other laughed when the one man was sentenced. Watching the judge request an apology respectfully was very interesting and admiring to watch, this judge in particular understood these individuals were human, however, was looking for the needed respect individuals within the court deserve. Two cases in particular were interesting, one was of an individual who was being sentenced and another the individual was nolled.…

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  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Of Valance: Film Analysis

    one. In this film, Ford brings to perspective the society that he created in the past and how it died as a result of the new transition in form of modernization. In this film, the western frontier ideals are brought to light with the transition from an old social order characterized by lawlessness embodied by the gunslingers into a modern society that is governed by law and order (Ebert). The inevitable transition represents a death of the old social order which then paves way for a new and…

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  • 3.1 Case 3-1 Who Pay The Price Analysis

    WRITE UP #1 CASE 3-1 WHO PAYS THE PRICE? 2 Write Up #1 Case 3-1 Who Pays The Price? Having read the scenarios presented, the question of how to decide whose view to accept is posed. Personally I believe the regulations set forth by the government are necessary to help stop the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment. Regulations are necessary to stop the collective greed of mankind from over-riding common sense. One only needs to look toward China, India, and inward toward the United States…

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  • How Does Terrorism Affect Tourism

    It is hard to believe that anyone would murder hundreds just to have their message heard, but that is the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is more than just a physical effect and a body count, it also can have a crippling effect on the mental state of millions. Terrorism creates fear in things that people once thought were perfectly safe, and one of the biggest fears created is on travel. Travel is a driving force in the world economy. The effects of terrorism can be felt on several fronts…

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  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    ( Since the implementation of the TSA, airports across the nation have declined in quality and safety. Nowadays, a petting zoo is the equivalent to the average public airport. Realistically, the TSA has failed to address and control the growth of unethical behavior within the air transportation…

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  • Effects Of 9/11 On Airport Security

    Before and After 9/11 Airport Security On September 11, 2001, there was a terrorist attack where an airplane crashed into the Twin Towers in New York killing thousands of Lives. The disaster of 9/11 has affected many citizens in the way they see the United States if it is a safe country to live in. The tragedy of 9/11 impacted Americans and Terrorist lives. Ever since 9/11 happened security has changed, especially in the airport because laws became strict on what you can take or not take on an…

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  • Great Britain's Victory In The Battle Of Britain

    came the revision of Great Britain’s strategy in the war, it was simply to survive. While Germany began its raid of the United Kingdom through the air, the British people took to the skies to defend their homeland, in what would be called the Battle of Britain and total war for the British population. Many leaders emerged to rally the people to combat the Nazi attacks, however, crucial to the British victory in the Battle of Britain was Air Chief…

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  • Harper's Ferry: A Short Story

    In my last few weeks at Harpers Ferry, a man in his mid-fifties walked into the Provost Marshal’s office. He was a big man, maybe six foot four. Bald, overweight, wearing a red polo shit and sagging cargo pants with sunglasses pressed into his forehead. I was already talking to a family from the Carolinas interpreting the experiences of the town’s citizens after the war, when across the former slave states Provost Marshals were replaced by agents of the newly formed Freedman’s Bureau. They were…

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  • John King's Character Analysis

    grandfather in the first. His great-grandfather had visited Harpers Ferry as teenager as a teenage soldier in Union Army and nearly killed by shrapnel thirty miles south. John King did not speak: he barked. His questions sounded like orders, his orders sounded like threats. He had been at the park since the Carter Administration. A few years earlier, he’d nearly been killed in a car accident and so he walked with pronounced limp and a silver-eagle-handled cane. The cane was accurate to the sort…

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