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  • The Causes And Challenges Of Air Pollution In New Zealand

    Air Pollution in New Zealand The policy domain that I have chosen to focus my assignment on is health. The longstanding issue that I will focus my assignment on is that of air pollution from particulate matter in the residential sector. Particulate matter is very, very small particles that come from combustion of certain materials, such as burning fossil fuels, running automobiles and operating factories . These particles are very hazardous to human health, when we breathe in these particles they can get trapped in our lungs; this can cause major health problems such as shortness of breath, asthma, lung damage and even death. This air pollution is a major challenge for those working with healthcare policy. This issue is most prevalent in areas…

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  • Air New Zealand Swot Analysis

    which are the new and unique selling point for the Air New Zealand. Food choice service provides more different kinds of buffet to satisfy different nationality passengers. It is different with traditional food service serving on the flying. As we know lots of airline meals just one or two different lunch or dinner provided to passenger. So, Air New Zealand do utmost build new food service competes with other airline company.  Weakness: there also have some weaknesses about the food choice…

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  • Boeing Porter's Five Forces

    The model consists of the five forces, in which using the relevant forces, we can identify Boeing’s threats. One of the the Porter’s Five Forces is threat of new entrants. Boeing will determine the possibility of new firms entering the market and will determine the impact they will have in the industry and directly to the 787 model. A profitable industry such as the commercial airline industry will attract new entrants. According to Forbes (2016), in the commercial airplane deliveries, Boeing…

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  • New Zealand Tourism Essay

    Current State of New Zealand Tourism: Years ago, if someone mentioned New Zealand in a sentence, they wouldn’t know where it is or what you were talking about. Now New Zealand has grown, and is still growing today. One of the biggest reason now that New Zealand has been recognized more is because of our tourism industry. Tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest export industries earing $11.8 billion of New Zealand’s current exchange earnings. New Zealand has a reputation of this clean green…

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  • Transport's Impact On Social Consumption And Socialization In New Zealand

    1 INTRODUCTION Transport has a huge impact on daily basis in New Zealand. It is known that New Zealand currently spends billions of dollars on transport (Ministry of Transport, 2014). Transport has become one of the biggest factors contributing in energy consumption and economic growth in New Zealand and Ministry of Transport have introduced four scenarios in order to make flexible investment options. Ministry of Transport have considered a change in oil price and digital technology advancement…

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  • The Role Of War In Afghanistan

    New Zealand troops have spent more time in Afghanistan then both World War One and World War Two Combined, despite this, mainstream media coverage of the war has been limited, and one-sided, government reports have relied on embedded journalism and the NZDF methods of public relations (PR), have been responsible for the upkeep of the military’s positive, peacekeeping, reconstructed, ‘kiwi’ image. While this was not untrue, it can not be considered truthful. The NZDF maintains strong connections…

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  • Causes Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam war (1950 - 1975) was a significant event for New Zealand and its involvement in it. It was commonly known as the Second Indochina War. It was the first time that New Zealand had not allied with its usual countries e.g.Great Britain. The Vietnam War was fought between North Vietnam/Viet Cong (communist - run by Ho Chi Minh) and American ran South Vietnam. As the war raged on in the early 1960’s, and the Viet Cong got closer and closer to the south, namely Saigon, America decided to…

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  • Tapo Volcanic Zone Essay

    Taupo Volcanic Zone The Taupo Volcanic Zone is a highly active volcanic region situated in the central part of the North Island in New Zealand. The Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) stretches from Ohakune in the south of the Bay of Plenty to White Island in the north. It is estimated that the Earth’s crust below the Taupo Volcanic Zone may possibly be as small as 16 kilometers think and currently moves approximately 8mm per year. The TVZ is named after Lake Taupo, the caldera of the formaly largest…

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  • Match Fixing Game Allegation

    Foote interview, Stephen Donald speaks up his side of the match fixing issue that occurred during their game with the Hawkes Bay Rugby team. “I understand that I have disappointed and let down fans, the team and especially my family, I accepted the offer because of financial problems that my family has been facing. I was offered a huge amount of money, which why I took the offer. I just want to say that I feel guilty for what I done, and especially for the damaged which I made” he said.…

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  • The Importance Of Adventure Tourism In New Zealand

    Introduction New Zealand is known to some as the “adventure capital of the world” as is seen as the perfect location, that offers unique nature resources that caters to a wide rage of adventure activities in the air, on land and by sea (Salla, 2014). Millions of tourists each year travel the long distance to New Zealand to experience its culture and countless adventure activities located all around the country. However, the adventure tourism industry has more recently had negative publicity for…

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