The Importance Of Adventure Tourism In New Zealand

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New Zealand is known to some as the “adventure capital of the world” as is seen as the perfect location, that offers unique nature resources that caters to a wide rage of adventure activities in the air, on land and by sea (Salla, 2014). Millions of tourists each year travel the long distance to New Zealand to experience its culture and countless adventure activities located all around the country. However, the adventure tourism industry has more recently had negative publicity for New Zealand’s risk management and safety measures caused by numerous accidents had by travellers in certain adventure activities (Salla, 2014). This report will define what adventure tourism is, how it is relevant in New Zealand, discuss the lack of
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Salla. (2014) defines adventure tourism as "A trip or travel with the specific purpose of activity participation to explore a new experience, often involving perceived risk or controlled danger associated with personal challenges, in a natural environment or exotic outdoor setting”. This definition clarifies adventure tourism being a way it which many travels choose to experience thrilling and exciting activities that many expose themselves to some ricks to overcome the challenge. However Salla. (2014) also believes adventure tourism to be more of a “guided commercial tour” mainly associated with an outdoor physical activity often using specialized adventure equipment (Kane, 2013). There is a wide range of different adventure activities that vary from higher risk activity such as, white water rafting to tramping which is seen as low risk adventure (Salla, 2014). There is this variation because the more the experience a tourist has the more likely they are to explore an adventure activity with an increased degree of risk (Salla, …show more content…
In 2012 tourism itself had contributed $2 trillion USD (United States Dollar) to the worlds GDP (Gross domestic product) according to the world travel and tourism council and along within that Adventure tourism had contributed $89 billion USD internationally in 2010 and contained to increase by six precent by 2013 (Salla, 2014). And within New Zealand alone the travel and tourism industry was worth around $23.4 billion NZD (New Zealand Dollar) in 2010. Now the tourism industry is New Zealand’s biggest export as millions of tourism from around the world visit New Zealand each year. In 2012 over 500,000 international travellers participated in some form of adventure tourism on their travels in New Zealand 52% of those tourist being male and 48% being female. Salla. (2014) findings have shown that the average tourist spends around on $3,200 which in New Zealand and in 2012 all tourist visiting New Zealand spent $1.6 billion NZD on adventure tourism alone. This clearly states that adventure tourism has a huge impact on New Zealand and internationally as it provided jobs for many people all over New Zealand and the world and also brings major amounts of money back into the

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