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  • Match Fixing Game Allegation

    Foote interview, Stephen Donald speaks up his side of the match fixing issue that occurred during their game with the Hawkes Bay Rugby team. “I understand that I have disappointed and let down fans, the team and especially my family, I accepted the offer because of financial problems that my family has been facing. I was offered a huge amount of money, which why I took the offer. I just want to say that I feel guilty for what I done, and especially for the damaged which I made” he said. Stephen Donald showed sincerity when he apologized to his supporters, family, friends, and his teammates. It also showed that he regretted for the things that he had done. After Stephen Donald explained his side, David Rhodes who is the President in New Zealand Rugby Union stated in the media about the penalties that he will receive for breaking the rules in the…

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  • Boeing Porter's Five Forces

    The model consists of the five forces, in which using the relevant forces, we can identify Boeing’s threats. One of the the Porter’s Five Forces is threat of new entrants. Boeing will determine the possibility of new firms entering the market and will determine the impact they will have in the industry and directly to the 787 model. A profitable industry such as the commercial airline industry will attract new entrants. According to Forbes (2016), in the commercial airplane deliveries, Boeing…

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  • Singapore Airline Case Study

    SIA and they spend around $70 million a year to put each of its employees through 110 hours of retraining annually (Heracleous & Wirts, 2010). Thus, staff can adapt the change and development in order to deliver new services SIA propose frequently. As a technological point of view SIA is also same as its competitors. SIA was the first to introduce satellite-based in-flight telephones in 1991 (Singapore Airline, 2015). With in-flight connectivity, it's simple to stay in touch with family and…

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  • Impact Of Biometric Technology In Singapore Airlines

    to say that Singapore Airlines has grown to develop as the renowned leader of creativity and innovation within the airline industry and has continuously overtaken other competitive airlines in the industry for many years. This can be fourthly expressed by looking at the fact that Singaporean Airlines has not suffered a loss on annual records since the company was founded in the 70’s. The accomplishments and achievements of Singapore Airlines is formed the company’s skill to innovate by…

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  • Air India Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Air India was launched as a private airline in 1932 under the name of Tata Airlines by industrialist J. R. D. Tata. It was the only national carrier which flew in various international destinations at that time. In 1946, Tata Airlines became a public limited company under the name of Air India. Since then, Air India has been a source of national pride because it is regarded as one of the finest airlines which is at par with the leading airlines like Pan Am and British Airways. Air…

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  • The Importance Of The Treaty Of Waitangi

    Māori culture has remained a huge part throughout my upbringing. I have been able to recognise the importance which has been encouraged throughout my studies, more now than ever. The role I will play as a treaty partner approaches the importance of having familiarity of New Zealand history alongside skills (Lang, 2002) essential to have an effective outcome in my practice as an Early Childhood Educator. To achieve a positive outcome in my practice I will educate myself with the significant…

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  • The Role Of War In Afghanistan

    New Zealand troops have spent more time in Afghanistan then both World War One and World War Two Combined, despite this, mainstream media coverage of the war has been limited, and one-sided, government reports have relied on embedded journalism and the NZDF methods of public relations (PR), have been responsible for the upkeep of the military’s positive, peacekeeping, reconstructed, ‘kiwi’ image. While this was not untrue, it can not be considered truthful. The NZDF maintains strong connections…

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  • Ideology Of Child Poverty

    than about the lack of food and there are many factors that causes child poverty. These child poverty indicators and factors are things such as income poverty, living conditions or housing, material hardships, education, and poor physical and mental health. (Child Poverty Monitor, 2015). O’Brien, in Beddoe & Maidment (2009), suggests that there are six possible main causes of child poverty, which include the lack of advocacy and knowledge, decreasing support for egalitarianism, costs, dominance…

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  • Transport's Impact On Social Consumption And Socialization In New Zealand

    1 INTRODUCTION Transport has a huge impact on daily basis in New Zealand. It is known that New Zealand currently spends billions of dollars on transport (Ministry of Transport, 2014). Transport has become one of the biggest factors contributing in energy consumption and economic growth in New Zealand and Ministry of Transport have introduced four scenarios in order to make flexible investment options. Ministry of Transport have considered a change in oil price and digital technology advancement…

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  • Maori Health Case Study

    In Maori society, manaakitanga is a customary quality that is thought to be massively vital (New Zealand tourism strategy, 2015). As a nurse it is important in my practice as Manaakitanga is a traditional value that is considered to be hugely important for Maori health. By implanting Manaakitanga (hospitality) in my practice it will make my patients particular Maori feel like they are highly cared for. By focussing as a nurse in my practice the communication, patient satisfaction, service…

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