Impact Of Biometric Technology In Singapore Airlines

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It is easy to say that Singapore Airlines has grown to develop as the renowned leader of creativity and innovation within the airline industry and has continuously overtaken other competitive airlines in the industry for many years. This can be fourthly expressed by looking at the fact that Singaporean Airlines has not suffered a loss on annual records since the company was founded in the 70’s.

The accomplishments and achievements of Singapore Airlines is formed the company’s skill to innovate by upholding the creative process, initiating many new concepts within the industry, and retaining a strong forefront throughout in financial and industry problems, and keeping up with competitive trends with other competitive companies.

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The flight is from Singapore to Los Angeles with the two available classes, which are advanced business and executive economy. The airline was the first to use the giant A380 planes and are always contemplating new facilities and service concepts to be undertaken on them.

However one of the airlines more technologically impressive creative milestones is its current developments of biometric technology. Biometric technology is based on identifying someone, in this case a traveller through their biological information for example eye or retina scans, fingerprints or through electronic codes or chips in passports and cards.

Although the potential use of biometric technology is still underway. Singapore Airlines are looking deeply to see which of these specific uses will generate greater significance to travelling passengers and to the airline itself, while delivering diversity to other airlines and refining efficiency for both customers and associates of the
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For instance through the use of Internet check-ins, SMS check-ins and it is offered to passengers to decide which seat you would like to have on the plane via SMS. This idea was developed by ground services of Singaporean Airlines Again a great emphasis on the company’s convenience and efficiency for customers. Fourthly there is a service where passengers that are concerned with their meals onboard are able to choose or book their specific meals before even getting on the plane. This creative concept allows first class and business class passengers are given the opportunity to specify and order their favorite meal earlier in a required time frame and it is served to them during the flight. These concepts are easy to use by passengers and are continuously watched over and improved when appropriate them, built on staff and customer opinions and comments. (Heracleous, Wirtz & Johnston, 2005, p

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