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  • Air India Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Air India was launched as a private airline in 1932 under the name of Tata Airlines by industrialist J. R. D. Tata. It was the only national carrier which flew in various international destinations at that time. In 1946, Tata Airlines became a public limited company under the name of Air India. Since then, Air India has been a source of national pride because it is regarded as one of the finest airlines which is at par with the leading airlines like Pan Am and British Airways. Air India had a mascot named ‘Maharajah’ which symbolized graciousness and high living. Now, Air India has lost its competitive advantage and has been declining over the years. The study was done in order to analyze the declining phase of the brand. The…

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  • Air India Flight 182 Case

    On June 23 1985, Air India flight 182 was operating on the Toronto-Montreal-Delhi route. As the plane was in Irish aerospace, en route to Toronto at 31,000 feet, a bomb located in the cargo hold detonated (Remembering Air India 182), and resulted in the death of 329 souls, 268 of them being Canadian citizens. (The victims) Nobody survived the crash. Five minutes prior to the attack, another bomb went off while being checked in Narita International, Japan. The bomb killed 2 baggage handlers…

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  • Effects Of Air Pollution In India

    Synopsis 8 India 's capital announced the implementation of various measures to combat the air pollution that has plagued the city. According to the Hawai’i News Now article, published on November 6th, 2016, New Delhi will be closing schools, halting construction, and dousing roads with water to tackle the air pollution crisis. New Delhi is one of the world 's most polluted cities with particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) levels of over 900 micrograms per cubic meter. According to the World Health…

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  • Case Study Of Air India

    Air India: How to survive to live another day? When Rohit Nandan took over as the CMD of Air India in 2011, he had a single objective in his mind i.e. to recover India’s very own airline from the humungous debt that it had accumulated over the last few years. Starting as the flag bearer for India aviation industry, Air India had had many fruitful years, but in recent years it had nosedived to losses becoming one of the worst performing PSUs of India. Being a state owned enterprise, the attitude…

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  • Air Pollution In India

    privilege of being able to breath in clean air. However, if you were living in India and looking out of a window, this would be much different. (picture of a street in India) Rather than a blue sky, your view would be of a sky turned gray from the excessive amounts of air pollution. Walking out of a building in India, instead of breathing in fresh, clean air, you would be inhaling air contaminated by the toxins that have infiltrated it. The noise from the hundreds of vehicles on the street that…

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  • India Air Pollution Essay

    Did you know that in India air pollution is decreasing its citizens’ life span by about 3.2 years for the 660 million Indian citizens who live in cities, such as Delhi? This is because of the enormous amount of air pollution. Humans have created problems in our country India such as: air pollution, deforestation, and land pollution. Firstly, one of the largest problems in India is air pollution. This dilemma has many effects not only on wildlife and the ozone layer, but also its citizens. This…

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  • Tata Airlines Case Study

    grasping air mail (postal mail of Regal Airways) from Karachi's Drigh Road Aerodrome to Bombay's Juhu Airstrip via Ahmedabad. The airplane…

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  • The Golden Age Of India And The Gupta Empire

    For the next 1,500 years, different parts of India were ruled by Middle kingdoms, among which the famous Gupta Empire stood out. This period witnessed an intellectual resurgence of the Hindu religion. It can be called the "Golden Age of India". During this time, aspects of culture and religion spread to a lot of Asia, while kingdoms in southern India had sea trade with the Roman Empire. During this time, the Indian cultural influence spread over large areas of Southeast Asia. This would lead…

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  • Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary Case Study

    Southern part of India. Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary is a must visit in case you are looking to traverse the length and breadth of Southern India terrain where this is exactly situated between the states of Karnataka and Kerela. A visitor’s paradise if you are looking forward to natural bounty of the nation where this 321 square meter sanctuary is laden with waterfalls, hills, deep valleys, streams and marshes all over. Why visit Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary? Madumalai Wild Life…

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  • India's Global Threats: The Republic Of India

    Republic of India perpetuates an apprehension of threats on a daily basis. Neighboring or nearby countries, such as: China, Russia, Pakistan, and Iran, all pose deliberate peril to the economy, political stability, and military focal point of this rising world power. Amid constant global struggles for many nations to remain buoyant, India’s economy and infrastructure have shown a consistent, yet dramatic increase of substantial margins annually. India occupies a great dynamism that complements…

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