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  • The Pearl By John Steinbeck Analysis

    The Pearl: Greeds The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, is a novel that depicts the fact that greed can take over a life and the peace of a town. When a penniless pearl diver, Kino, finds what he calls the Pearl of the World, it changes his life. Throughout this novel, Steinbeck uses literary devices to express the way greed can change a small town and a family. The author uses tools such as symbolism, characterization, and foreshadowing to add life to the story. These literary devices all express greed in different ways while they create an unforgettable tale. In this book, Steinbeck uses symbolism as a way to explain the pearl and the way it changes. While the pearl initially brings a wonderful opportunity to the family, it ends up changing their lives dramatically. In Steinbeck’s book, Kino finds a pearl that is what he calls the Pearl of the World. As the book says, “It captured the light and refined it and gave it back in silver incandescence.” (Steinbeck 20) This excerpt states that it was magnificent and very precious. However, the pearl changes drastically throughout the novel. When problems start occurring, the pearl changes in many ways. This is because many people are drawn to this pearl and Kino soon becomes every man’s enemy. Some people want the pearl so bad that they would kill Kino and his family to get it. For example, one man tried to kill Kino just to get the pearl. Some townsfolk also change once Kino finds the pearl. When the priest heard about Kino having…

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  • Leadership In Whale Rider

    In the film Whale Rider, they are arguing that we should not hold people back and that we need to give people the opportunity to prove themselves. It is also important to have good leadership when going through a difficult period of time. When Koro was trying to teach the boys how to be like a leader, he took them out onto the ocean in a boat and went out deep. He threw his necklace that had a whale tooth on it and told the boys to go and retrieve it. However, none of the boys had actually…

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  • What Does Steinbeck Say About Greed

    Greed changes everyone's actions and the way they think. In the beginning, life in the village is quiet and people are kind and keep to themselves. Mostly everyone works hard and stays positive towards each other, there is never any hatred going around. Sometimes food is scarce, but the community is able to make it work by coming together and helping everyone as much as they can. Then everybody's views change on the day Kino finds the pearl. Word spreads quickly and everyone starts to lose…

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  • Symbolism Of The Pearl In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

    When Coyotito, Kino’s son, is stung by a scorpion, Kino and his wife , Juana search for a pearl in order to have money to pay to the doctor to heal Coyotito. Turns out, they finds a very large pearl, The Pearl of the World that will lead him to selfish ambition. As the Pearl is found, word about it spread immediately and people began having ambitions about the Pearl. At first, Kino simply wished for his family to have clothes. Gradually, he began to wish for more and more. Kino’s pride begins to…

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  • Greed Quotes

    Literary Thesis Es6say “Greed does not rest until satisfied and greed is never satisfied.” This quote by Sam Eastland describes that people always have greed, even if it is a small amount. The book The Pearl a poor fisherman names Kino finds a huge pearl. Many people want the pearl that kino has. A first, Kino wants the pearl to cure his baby Coyotito from a scorpion sting but ends up wanting it more for materialistic things. Greed left unchecked can lead to immoral behavior because of the…

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  • Symbolism Of The Doctor In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

    “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck tells the story of Kino, a poor pearl diver, who's son, Coyotito, gets stung by a scorpion. To treat his son’s scorpion bite, Kino takes Coyotito to the doctor. Although the doctor does not feature predominantly in in the book’s storyline, he plays a very important role in the plot of the novella. From the moment he is introduced in the book, the doctor is portrayed as being an extremely despicable person who is self-indulgent, unsympathetic and only cares about…

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  • The Pearl Coyotito Quotes

    In “The Pearl,” by John Steinbeck, Coyotito is not just a child, he is the symbol of life for his parents, Juana and Kino. He is also the future for Kino and his family, and also the precursor to Kino’s actions. In the beginning of the book, Coyotito causes himself harm with out realizing it, which is then mirrored later on through Kino’s actions. As the story goes on, people begin to target the baby in order to get closer to the pearl, this same type of incident happens when Kino gets attacked…

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  • The Pearl Greed

    In many cases, with sudden wealth comes great greed, especially with those who are poor and the sudden change of receiving large amounts of money can change their life. Greed is something that can take over a human being. This is what happens to a character in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. Kino is a brush house citizen, somebody of a lower class, in La Paz, Baja California. Kino’s life was perfectly fine, until his son Coyotito was stung by a scorpion. The same day, he went out pearl diving,…

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  • The Pearl Parable

    The Pearl follows the story of a young fisherman named Kino, who experiences the power of wealth. The story can been called a parable, as it teaches a universal lesson of life. John Steinbeck’s parable The Pearl, teaches that with money comes greed, and eventually destruction. Before Kino inhabits the pearl, he is infused with compassion, and is diligent in his obligations as a father to Coyotito. When Coyotito obtains an illness, Kino feels helpless, but feels inclined to assist. Kino feels…

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  • Coyotito Symbolism Quotes

    When Kino and Juana’s baby, Coyotito, is stung by a scorpion they go to the doctor for help, but the doctor turns them away. Kino finds the “pearl of the world,” and starts to wish for things for his family. Kino is attacked and his house is broken into and destroyed. During the attack Kino stabs and kills an intruder. They head for the capital, and while they were in the mountains trackers hunted them down. Kino ended up killing three more men. In the end Coyotito was killed and Kino and…

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