The Pearl

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  • The Pearl Archetypes

    Steinbeck's use of archetypes and symbols in The Pearl In Steinbeck’s The Pearl, archetypes and symbols are used to develop the theme of striving for the American dream. Corruption of wealth, greed, and fate all lead to the development of this theme. Steinbeck also uses correct historical representations of that time which greater represent the theme of the American dream. The American dream can be described as innovative and industrialized to create happiness. During the 19th century American immigrants that came from other countries worked as either farmers or domestic slaves. They produced iron, steel, textile mills, food, gas and electricity. They also opened up factories, small restaurants, barber shops, and many other small businesses…

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  • The Pearl Greed

    amounts of money can change their life. Greed is something that can take over a human being. This is what happens to a character in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. Kino is a brush house citizen, somebody of a lower class, in La Paz, Baja California. Kino’s life was perfectly fine, until his son Coyotito was stung by a scorpion. The same day, he went out pearl diving, trying to find a pearl of some value so that he could pay the doctor to help heal Coyotito. He then found the Pearl of the World, a…

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  • The Pearl Symbolism

    William Vargas Who knew a pearl could cause so much trouble? The Pearl was written by John Steinbeck. The main characters are Kino, Juana, and Coyotito. The Pearl takes place in La Paz, Mexico about the family life of Kino, his wife Juana, and their son Coyotito. A scorpion crawls onto Coyotito’s shoulder and Stings him. Kino searches desperately to find a Pearl on his canoe. Later on in the story Kino’s family get in a lot trouble with the village people because they want that Pearl. The…

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  • The Pearl Parable

    The Pearl follows the story of a young fisherman named Kino, who experiences the power of wealth. The story can been called a parable, as it teaches a universal lesson of life. John Steinbeck’s parable The Pearl, teaches that with money comes greed, and eventually destruction. Before Kino inhabits the pearl, he is infused with compassion, and is diligent in his obligations as a father to Coyotito. When Coyotito obtains an illness, Kino feels helpless, but feels inclined to assist. Kino feels…

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  • The Pearl Ending

    The Pearl Ch.1 Kino awakened in the dark. Kino looked where coyotito slept.Coyotito spots the scorpion on a rope. Coyotito reaches for the scorpion and stung him. Juana grabs Coyotito at once and attempts to suck the venom out of his wound. Juana asks Kino to get the doctor. CH.2 Crabs and lobsters poke out from their holes. Algae and sea horses drift aimlessly in the nearby currents. Dogs and pigs scavenge the shoreline for sea drift in the hazy morning. They push the canoe into the water and…

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  • Character Analysis Of The Pearl In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

    so many things have happened. News about Kino’s great pearl spreads throughout the neighborhood which leads to everyone talking to Kino just so they can have the pearl. The doctor comes back again, just because he realizes that Kino is now rich, only to give Coyotito something, that actually makes him worse! Only to come back right when he gets worse, and give him something that makes Coyotito better. I think the doctor only did this so he could get in Kino’s good graces, and make himself look…

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  • The Pearl Greed Analysis

    Greed is considered one of the seven deadly sins, which means wanting too much of something and never being satisfied , this sin is presented as a theme in the novella The Pearl , written by John steinbeck which talks about mainly about an indian legend of ( the pearl of the world) and what this discovery of this pearl effects the life of the main character and his family, this novella starts by showing the readers about kino's life " the main character " before he finds the great pearl and…

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  • The Pearl Theme Essay

    The story Pearl by John Steinbeck takes place on the California Peninsula. Kino’s kid Coyotito got stung by a scorpion and he needs a doctor but his parents Kino and Juana don’t have the money. Kino then finds the great pearl of the world in the sea and he thinks of the things he could do with it and get. The big theme of this story is don't let greed get to you. Kino shows this theme throughout the story and this pearl messed up his life since he let the greed of it get to him. I think…

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  • The Pearl Greed Essay

    is a force that can destroy any man, especially if it is allowed to blind one from his main priority. When a luminous object was discovered by the shores of La Paz, what many considered a blessing became a family's worst nightmare, as illustrated in John Steinbeck’s novel The Pearl. Kino, a hardworking pearl diver, is transformed from a noble and caring father, into a vicious like animal. In the town of La Paz, Kino, an impoverished native, is a simple person driven by his adoration toward his…

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  • The Pearl Research Paper

    The Pearl is a symbol that changes from a wonderful gift that will save this poor family and give them a better life, then changes to this object that brings evil, death, and hate into the lives of a family, with a lust for a new life, and values that help them see the evil in this Pearl. In the book the pearl shows the way that greed, hope, and family values can change a family, the way they live and how there feelings and emotions of a family are damaged by one object. At first the pearl gave…

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