Power Of The Pearl

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The Power of The Pearl husband, and protagonist of this story is slowly corrupted by the powerful force that is, the pearl. All the while Kino's wife Juana wants the same thing throughout the entire story, the happiness, safety, and love of her family. She, however, does not let the pearl get the best of her, she is not driven by greed unlike Kino, who let's it, in a way, control him.
Kino's love for the pearl drove him into a state of madness. It caused him to do and say things he normally wouldn't say or do. Because of his evil feelings for the pearl he lost his home, almost lost his wife, and he lost his own son, Coyotito. The pearl drove Kino to do terrible things to himself and those around him.
Kino's wife Juana stood true to what she

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