The Pearl And Of Mice And Men Essay

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In the early twentieth century, a whirlwind of issues plagued the American people. From the ending of World War I, to the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the great plunge into the Great Depression, Steinbeck’s writings during the time fed off of the surrounding economic turmoil. Steinbeck consistently expressed the idea of greed leading to conflict and corruption within his novels The Pearl and Of Mice and Men. The encompassing power of greed acts as the Achilles Heel to the main characters in both novels. Characters are given the opportunity to listen to forewarnings, but tunnel vision inhibits their grasp on the reality of their situations. While the characters in both The Pearl and Of Mice and Men are confronted with greed and desire, the obstacles they face are completely different. In The Pearl, Steinbeck’s character Kino makes the discovery of a lifetime when he finds the so called “Pearl of the World (Steinbeck, The Pearl 54).” With the discovery of the pearl, a sense of anger and paranoia take over Kino’s emotions after he goes to have his pearl appraised to come to the discovery the pearl is basically worthless. While speaking to his wife Juana, Kino refuses to give up on the pearl stating “ We will not be cheated. I am a man (The Pearl 61).” Kino’s desire to receive a fair offer for his pearl starts to encompass his entire being, which causes a rift to form between himself and Juana. While Juana is trying to be of help to Kino, and advises him to rid them from the…

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