Of Mice And Men Analysis Essay

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The Book of Semi-Innocent Deaths: An Analysis The book Of Mice and Men was created in a time of political and economical turmoil. John Steinbeck was a developing writer at the time of the Great Depression in the 1930’s, this gave him numerous topics to write about. In 1936, he spent the year traveling with a large group of migrant workers who were in search of work. While he was traveling with them he was horrified of the working conditions, and empathized with their lack of given dignity. The migrants’ workers stories of humiliation and hardship stayed with Steinbeck long after the newspaper dropped the stories. Of Mice and Men comes from the experiences of the workers, and is laced with symbolic meaning, relevant to the time period it was written.
Of Mice and Men was created by John Steinbeck because he wanted to show how the life of a farmer or a worker might have been like during the Great Depression era. His primary goal was to show how people were affected by the events that had taken place, and what people had to do in order to survive. The novel seems to accurately portray how people might have had to make
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For example, it is chance that Slim happened to be in the barn when Curley came into the bunkhouse looking for his wife, or when George is absent from the barn when Lennie is burying his puppy. Steinbeck tries to show that man cannot possibly understand everything that happens in life, and cannot control the world around him. For this reason, he often makes the events in his book appear random in nature.
Another good example is George 's solitaire game in the bunkhouse. It can symbolize the random happening of events, similar to cards being drawn out at random from a deck. Solitaire is a game of chance, and the same can be said of the events in the book that Steinbeck considered titling "Something That

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